Product Gallery: Automobiles by Manufacturer (text)

There are 1,732 vehicles listed in this report.

(multiple) Greenlight 59050-BDiorama Set
(multiple) Greenlight 58044Diorama Set
(multiple) Greenlight 58043Diorama Set
(multiple) Greenlight 58038Diorama Set
(multiple) Greenlight 58037Diorama Set
(unknown) (unknown)Bus
(unknown) Fleer CollectiblesBus
(unknown) Kids Only, Inc.Bus
(unknown) MaistoMilitary
(unknown) Menards 279-3948ABus
(unknown) Menards 279-3844BBus
(unknown) Menards 279-3843BBus
(unknown) Menards 279-3377BBus
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD303Trailer
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD302Trailer
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD401PPassenger
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD400PPickup
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD396PTruck
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD397PTruck
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD398PPickup
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD399PPickup
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD422Garbage Truck
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD384PFarming
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD383PPassenger
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD381PPassenger
(unknown) Model Tech Studios SD380PTruck
(unknown) MTH Electric Trains 35-50001Trailer
(unknown) New Zealand Finescale KS016Wagon
(unknown) Racing ChampionsBus
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R228Truck
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R235Truck Stake Body
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R237Truck Flatbed
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R239Truck Stake Body
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R271Dump Truck
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R273Truck Logging
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R282Truck
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R293Truck Logging
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R303Truck Logging
(unknown) Railmaster Exports R313Truck Logging
(unknown) RSLaserKits 5501Wagon
(unknown) S-Helper ServiceTrailer
(unknown) S-Helper ServiceTrailer
(unknown) SpecCast CollectiblesTow Truck
(unknown) SpecCast CollectiblesTruck Tanker
(unknown) Team Track ModelsTrailer
(unknown) Team Track ModelsTrailer
(unknown) Team Track ModelsTrailer
(unknown) Team Track ModelsTrailer
(unknown) Team Track ModelsTrailer
(unknown) Tonkin Replicas 12-I018Trailer
(unknown) Tonkin Replicas 12-I021Trailer
(unknown) Tonkin Replicas M00402Trailer
(unknown) Tonkin Replicas M00403Trailer
(unknown) Tonkin Replicas M00404Trailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) Winross 451Trailer
(unknown) Winross 455Trailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) WinrossTrailer
(unknown) Winross 387Trailer
(unknown) Winross 393Trailer
(unknown) Winross 400Trailer
(unknown) Winross 402Trailer
(unknown) Winross 450Trailer
(unknown) Winross 452Trailer
(unknown) Ertl 45633Truck w/ Flat Trailer
(unknown) Maisto 15055-ZTow Truck
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican ModelsTrailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-1Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-10Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-11Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-12Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-13Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-14Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-15Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-16Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-17Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-18Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-19Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-2Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-20Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-3Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-4Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-5Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-6Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-7Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-8Trailer
(unknown) 40' TrailerAmerican Models T-9Trailer
(unknown) British CenturionAmerican Models T6083Military
(unknown) BuckboardCatzPaw Innovations VEH64BKBFWagon
(unknown) Covered WagonCatzPaw Innovations VEH64CVWGWagon
(unknown) crushed carsCatzPaw Innovations VEH64CC4SPassenger
(unknown) crushed carsCatzPaw Innovations SHS64TK40Passenger
(unknown) Delivery VanLledoVan
(unknown) Farm WagonCatzPaw Innovations VEH64FMWGWagon
(unknown) Farm WagonErtl 1052U 567-9011Farming
(unknown) Fire TruckCode 3 Collectibles 12150Emergency
(unknown) German TigerAmerican Models T6081Military
(unknown) PlanterErtl 0562 478-9011Farming
(unknown) PumperCode 3 Collectibles 12950Emergency
(unknown) Russian StalinAmerican Models T6082Military
(unknown) School BusKinsmartBus
(unknown) Single-seat BuggyCatzPaw Innovations SH64BGGYWagon
(unknown) Steam TractorScale Models Inc. FC-3503Farming
(unknown) Steam TractorScale Models Inc. FC-3506Farming
(unknown) Threshing MachineScale Models Inc. FC-3504Farming
(unknown) Topo Fuel DragsterGreenlight 96170-ERacing
(unknown) Two-seat CarriageCatzPaw Innovations SHS64CARRWagon
(unknown) U.S. PattonAmerican Models T6080Military
(unknown) UFOCatzPaw Innovations VEH64UFONMiscellaneous
(unknown) Underground Mining ShovelAmercom HobbyMining
(unknown) UPS DeliveryDiecast Direct UP398Van
Acura NSXMattel Hot Wheels DWH79Racing
AGCO DT 275BSpecCast Collectibles SCT 566Farming
Airstream BambiGreenlight 29916RV
Airstream BambiGreenlight 34010-FRV
Allis-Chalmers C & WC-45Diecast Direct E1218Farming
Allis-Chalmers D19Ertl 46706-CNPFarming
Allis-Chalmers F9Ertl 3139GFarming
Allis-Chalmers WD45Ertl 16360Farming
Austin Railmaster Exports R233Truck
Austin Railmaster Exports R234Truck
Barris Drag-u-laJohnny Lightning JLSS003Racing
Barris KoachJohnny Lightning JLSS002Passenger
Barris PhaetonJohnny LightningPassenger
Benz WellyTruck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
BMW 3 Series ConvertibleMalibu InternationalPassenger
BMW Z4Greenlight 96020Passenger
Brockway Top Shelf ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Brockway 761Top Shelf ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Cadillac LimousineMajorette 339Passenger
Case 981GErtl 0981GFarming
Case Loader TractorErtl 46705-CNPFarming
Case VAC & Farmall F-20Diecast Direct E238Farming
Case IH Ertl 44082Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Case IH 2594Ertl 44138Farming
Case IH 380Ertl 44123AFarming
Case IH 600Ertl 0981GFarming
Case IH 7130Ertl 1052UFarming
Case IH 9370 QuadtracErtl 14988Farming
Case IH LB 434Ertl 16302Farming
Case IH Maxxum 150Ertl 44153AFarming
Case IH Optum 300SpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1772Farming
Case IH Quadtrac Articulated TractorErtl 44157AFarming
Case IH Steiger 620Ertl 44092AFarming
Case IH Truck with TractorErtl 46507Farming
Case IH Vintage TractorErtl 46573Farming
Caterpillar 12G GraderErtlConstruction
Caterpillar 12G GraderNorscot Scale Models 55703Construction
Caterpillar 45 Agricultural TractorNorscot Scale Models 55901Construction
Caterpillar 613 ScraperNorscot Scale Models 55708Construction
Caterpillar 85D Agricultural TractorNorscot Scale Models 55959Construction
Caterpillar 950F Wheel LoaderNorscot Scale Models 55010Construction
Caterpillar 988H Wheel LoaderNorscot Scale ModelsConstruction
Caterpillar CB534D XWAmercom HobbyConstruction
Caterpillar D25D Articulated TruckNorscot Scale Models 55706Construction
Caterpillar D6H Track-type TractorNorscot Scale Models 55705Construction
Caterpillar D6R XLNorscot Scale ModelsConstruction
Caterpillar D8P-B-LConstruction
Caterpillar D9TAmercom HobbyConstruction
Caterpillar Sheepsfoot RollerAmercom HobbyConstruction
Challenger MT 655CSpecCast Collectibles SCT 564Farming
Challenger MT685E WheelSpecCast Collectibles SCT 644Farming
Challenger MT865E TrackSpecCast Collectibles SCT 649Farming
Challenger MT865E TrackSpecCast Collectibles SCT 503Farming
Challenger MT875E X-Edition with TracksSpecCast Collectibles SCT 538Farming
Chevrolet CamaroJada Toys 14032-W1H-APassenger
Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1LindbergPassenger
Chevrolet PickupLindbergPickup
Chevrolet S-10Revell 3073Pickup
Chevrolet SilveradoRevellPickup
Commer BFVanguards 16004Truck Drop-sides
Commer BFVanguards 6000Truck Drop-sides
Commer BFVanguards 16001Truck Drop-sides
Crown PumperCode 3 Collectibles 12951Emergency
Crown PumperDiecast Direct CD12955Emergency
custom-made Wagon KingGreenlight 27860-FStation Wagon
Datsun 280ZX TurboErtlPassenger
Datsun Bluebird 510Mattel Hot Wheels DJF97Racing
Dodge AmbulanceJohnny Lightning 069Military
Dodge De SotoRailmaster Exports R223Truck Stake Body
Dodge TruckRailmaster Exports R221Truck Flatbed
Dodge TruckRailmaster Exports R222Truck
E-One Cyclone II PumperDiecast Direct CD12340Emergency
Farmall 560Ertl 44111Farming
Farmall 560 vv/Corn Picker & WagonDiecast Direct E14073Farming
Farmall 656 HydroErtl 44110Farming
Farmall HErtl 0981GFarming
Ferrara PumperDiecast Direct CD12331Emergency
Ferrari 599 GTOMaisto v1_15494-SET-18Passenger
Ferrari California TMaisto v3_15494-SET-20Passenger
Ferrari EnzoMaisto 15494Passenger
Ferrari LaFerrariMaisto 15494Passenger
Ford Railmaster Exports R225Truck
Ford Railmaster Exports R226Truck Drop-sides
Ford WellyTruck w/ Tanker Trailer
Ford 8000 Narrow FrontSpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1802Farming
Ford 8870Ertl 13918Farming
Ford 9000Die Cast Promotions 34142Truck w/ Gondola Trailer
Ford 901 PowermasterDiecast Direct E927Farming
Ford 9600 Wide FrontSpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1815Farming
Ford 9600 with CabSpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1814Farming
Ford 9NDiecast Direct E926Farming
Ford AARailmaster Exports R160Bus
Ford AARailmaster Exports R160Truck Flatbed
Ford AmbulanceDiecast Direct CD12061Emergency
Ford C-seriesHartoy L56402Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Ford F-150RevellPickup
Ford F-350Ertl 45587Pickup
Ford F-350Ertl 45651Farming
Ford Model T (Mexican)RevirescoPassenger
Ford Model T Box Body #1RevirescoTruck Box Van
Ford Model T Box Body #2RevirescoTruck Box Van
Ford Model T Box Body #3RevirescoTruck Box Van
Ford Model T Box Body #4RevirescoTruck Box Van
Ford Model T Box Body #5RevirescoTruck Box Van
Ford Model T Box Body #6RevirescoTruck Box Van
Ford Model T G.S. 1-tonRevirescoTruck
Ford Model T Touring (top down)RevirescoPassenger
Ford Model T Touring (top up)RevirescoPassenger
Ford N-seriesErtlFarming
Ford NAAErtl 13917Farming
Ford Oshkosh RescueDiecast Direct CD12149Emergency
Ford P-seriesCorporate Express Promotional Marketing 398NStep Van
Ford PickupErtl 1902UPickup
Ford TW 36Ertl 11260Farming
Ford Versatile 950ErtlFarming
Freightliner SpecCast Collectibles 34050Tractor/Trailer
Freightliner SpecCast Collectibles 34044Tractor/Trailer
Freightliner 120Diecast Direct E5032Tractor/Trailer
Freightliner CascadiaDie Cast Promotions 34189Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Freightliner CascadiaDie Cast Promotions 34186Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Day CabDie Cast Promotions 33856Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Freightliner Century Midroof XTTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Freightliner Century Raised RoofTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Freightliner ColumbiaTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Freightliner FLD 120Tonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Freightliner TankerAmercom Hobby GB-21Emergency
Gleaner S97SpecCast Collectibles SCT 548Farming
Gleaner S98SpecCast Collectibles SCT 529Farming
GMC CannonballOld Motor TrucksTruck
GMC CannonballOld Motor TrucksTruck
GMC Panel VanMattel Hot Wheels FKY24Van
Grand-Am DaytonaGreenlight 41030-FRacing
Harley-Davidson Railmaster Exports R199Motorcycle
International Railmaster Exports R229Truck Flatbed
International Railmaster Exports R299Truck
International Railmaster Exports R230Truck
International 1256SpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1800Farming
International 4300Top Shelf ReplicasTruck/Tractor
International 966Ertl 44125Farming
International 9800Tonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
International CXT Dually 4x4Malibu InternationalPickup
International Dump TruckRailmaster Exports R291Truck
International LoneStarDie Cast Promotions 33846Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
International Prostar High RoofDie Cast Promotions 33918Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
International Road GraderErtl 1848Construction
International ScoutJohnny Lightning JLBT004-CSUV
International Harvester 3688Ertl 14135Farming
International Harvester 5088Ertl 44147Farming
Jaguar E-typeMalibu InternationalPassenger
Jaguar XKGreenlight 96020Passenger
Jaguar XK120MatchboxPassenger
Jaguar XKELindbergPassenger
Jeep CJ-5Greenlight 29955SUV
Jeep WranglerGreenlight 32080-BSUV
John Deere Ertl 45612Truck w/ Flat Trailer
John Deere Ertl 46633Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
John Deere 3020Ertl 45658Farming
John Deere 4020Ertl 46708-CNPFarming
John Deere 4450Ertl 45634Farming
John Deere 4955Ertl 45657Farming
John Deere 4960Ertl 45589Farming
John Deere 6215R & 7290R TractorsErtl 45654AFarming
John Deere 630Ertl 0842GFarming
John Deere 630Ertl 45591Farming
John Deere 648GErtlConstruction
John Deere 7520 4WDErtl 45659Farming
John Deere 772BH GraderS-Helper Service 00591Construction
John Deere 8370RTErtl 45602Farming
John Deere 8400RErtl 45569Farming
John Deere 9470RX Narrow Track TractorErtl 45552Farming
John Deere 9570RErtl 45509Farming
John Deere 9620RErtl 45480Farming
John Deere CrawlerS-Helper Service 00586Construction
John Deere DErtlFarming
John Deere D & 630LPDiecast Direct E5665Farming
John Deere DB90 ExactEmerge 36-Row PlanterSpecCast Collectibles JDM-281Farming
John Deere ExcavatorS-Helper Service 00511Construction
John Deere R4030Ertl 45632AFarming
John Deere Road GraderErtlConstruction
John Deere S790 CombineErtl 45616Farming
John Deere Waterloo Boy, 4020, 8400R SetErtl 45629AFarming
John Deere Wheel LoaderS-Helper Service 00590Construction
Kenworth GearBox Collectibles 47551Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth ICON 900Die Cast Promotions 33890Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Kenworth ICON 900Die Cast Promotions 34037Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth K100 Aerodyne COEDie Cast Promotions 32957Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth K100 Aerodyne COESpecCast Collectibles 32957Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth K100EDiecast Direct E425Tractor/Trailer
Kenworth T2000Tonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Kenworth T600HartoyTruck/Tractor
Kenworth T600Tonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Kenworth T660Die Cast Promotions 33872Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth T680Die Cast Promotions 34000Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth T680 Day CabDie Cast Promotions 34083Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth T800Die Cast Promotions 34063Tow Truck
Kenworth T800Die Cast Promotions 34120Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Kenworth T800Tonkin ReplicasDump Truck
Kenworth T800 Day CabDie Cast Promotions 33841Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Kenworth T800DayCabTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Kenworth T800DumpTruckTonkin ReplicasDump Truck
Kenworth T880Die Cast Promotions 34098Truck w/ Gondola Trailer
Kenworth T880SpecCast Collectibles 30556Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Kenworth W900Die Cast Promotions 33981Truck w/ Gondola Trailer
Kenworth W900LAll American Toy Co. #3 BubbaTruck w/ Gondola Trailer
Kenworth W900LDie Cast Promotions 33884Truck w/ Livestock Trailer
Kenworth W900LTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Komatsu D155AX-8 Dozer with RipperFirst Gear 60-0325Construction
Komatsu PC210LC-11 ExcavatorFirst Gear 60-0326Construction
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4Maisto v2_15494-SET-20Passenger
Lamborghini CountachLindbergPassenger
Lamborghini GallardoGreenlight 96020Passenger
Lamborghini Murcielago RoadsterMaisto 15494Passenger
Land Rover Range RoverGreenlight 96020SUV
Long-Life Postal Delivery VehicleGreenlight 29889Van
LTI Ladder TruckDiecast Direct CD12670Emergency
Luverne PumperDiecast Direct CD12318Emergency
Mack Truck Anthem Day CabFirst Gear 60-0407Truck/Tractor
Mack Truck B-61First Gear 60-0403Dump Truck
Mack Truck BMTonkin ReplicasTruck Stake Body
Mack Truck BMTonkin ReplicasTruck Box Van
Mack Truck Cab OverLehigh Valley Models LVM8-CTruck
Mack Truck Cab OverLehigh Valley Models LVM8-LTruck Stake Body
Mack Truck Cab OverLehigh Valley Models LVM8-TTruck Tanker
Mack Truck CF PumperAmercom Hobby GB-20Emergency
Mack Truck CH600HartoyTractor/Trailer
Mack Truck CH600Hartoy M71525Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CH600Tonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02013Truck Box Van
Mack Truck CJHartoy C52101Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52104Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy C02011Truck Box Van
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02022Truck Stake Body
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02042Truck Drop-sides
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52102Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52103Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02012Truck Box Van
Mack Truck CJHartoy C02021Truck Stake Body
Mack Truck CJHartoy C02041Truck Drop-sides
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52402Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02032Truck Canvas Back
Mack Truck CJHartoy H02010Truck Box Van
Mack Truck CJHartoy H02020Truck Stake Body
Mack Truck CJHartoy H02030Truck Canvas Back
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02043Truck Drop-sides
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02016Truck Box Van
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02023Truck Stake Body
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02024Truck Stake Body
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02044Truck Drop-sides
Mack Truck CJHartoy L02015Truck Box Van
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52105Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52107Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52403Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJHartoy L52203Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJTonkin ReplicasTruck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck CJTonkin ReplicasTruck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck F700Top Shelf Replicas 30036Truck/Tractor
Mack Truck GraniteFirst Gear 60-0166Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Mack Truck H-67Top Shelf Replicas 25014Truck/Tractor
Mack Truck Pinnacle Day CabFirst Gear 60-0337Truck/Tractor
Mack Truck Pinnacle Day CabFirst Gear 60-0348Truck/Tractor
Mack Truck Pinnacle Day CabFirst Gear 60-0347Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Mack Truck R ModelFirst Gear 69-0258Truck w/ Gondola Trailer
Mack Truck R ModelFirst Gear 60-0341Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Mack Truck R ModelFirst Gear 60-0409Truck/Tractor
Mammoet IMC Models 410092Construction
Massey Ferguson 1155Ertl 16321Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Massey Ferguson 2270XDErtl 16302Farming
Massey Ferguson 8730SpecCast Collectibles SCT 639Farming
Massey Ferguson 8730SpecCast Collectibles SCT 565Farming
Massey Ferguson 9545, Grain Head, Corn HeadSpecCast Collectibles SCT 540Farming
Massey Ferguson WR9870 WindrowerErtl 16301Farming
Mazda RX7ErtlPassenger
McCormick WD9Ertl 0981GFarming
MCI ERoyal Coach BusBus
MCI E4500Tonkin ReplicasBus
Mercedes Benz MatchboxEmergency
Mercedes Benz SLR McLarenMaisto 15494Passenger
Mercedes Benz SprinterGreenlight 96020Van
Miller Nitro 6500Ertl 16352Farming
Mini CooperGreenlight 96020Passenger
Minneapolis-Moline G1000SpecCast Collectibles SCT 550Farming
Minneapolis-Moline G1000 Vista, Narrow FronSpecCast Collectibles SCT 563Farming
Minneapolis-Moline G1000 Wide FrontSpecCast Collectibles SCT 567Farming
Navistar Cement MixerErtl 1500VConstruction
New Holland Ertl 13905Truck w/ Flat Trailer
New Holland CR8.90 CombineErtl 13870Farming
New Holland Genesis T8.410 Smarttrax TractorErtl 13904Farming
New Holland Modern TractorErtl 46503Farming
New Holland SkidsteerS-Helper Service 00532Construction
New Holland SP345FErtl 13907AFarming
New Holland T6.175Ertl 13896Farming
New Holland T7.315SpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1773Farming
New Holland T8.320Ertl 13921Farming
New Holland T9.700 4WDErtl 13911Farming
Oliver 2255SpecCast Collectibles SCT 637Farming
Oliver 2255SpecCast Collectibles SCT 636Farming
Oliver 88 w/Corn Picker & WagonDiecast Direct E13051Farming
Peterbilt GearBox Collectibles 58402Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt Racing ChampionsTruck Canvas Back
Peterbilt 351First Gear 60-0413Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Peterbilt 379All American Toy Co. #2 BubbaTruck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 379Die Cast Promotions 33845Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Peterbilt 379Die Cast Promotions 33843Truck w/ Livestock Trailer
Peterbilt 379Die Cast Promotions 34123Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 379Die Cast Promotions 34122Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 379SpecCast Collectibles 33681Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 385Diecast Direct SC33001Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 385Diecast Direct SC33002Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 387All American Toy Co. #1 BubbaTruck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Peterbilt 389Die Cast Promotions 33955Truck w/ Livestock Trailer
Peterbilt 389Die Cast Promotions 33887Truck w/ Gondola Trailer
Peterbilt 389Die Cast Promotions 33875Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 389Die Cast Promotions 34161Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Peterbilt 389Die Cast Promotions 34143Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 579Die Cast Promotions 33958Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Peterbilt 579Die Cast Promotions 34118Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
Peterbilt 579SpecCast Collectibles 33679Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Peterbilt 579SpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1797Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Peterbilt 579SpecCast Collectibles 33683Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Peterbilt 579SpecCast Collectibles 33682Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Peterbilt 579SpecCast Collectibles 33701Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Peterbilt Model 351First Gear 60-0415Truck w/ Flat Trailer
Peterbilt Model 351First Gear 60-0414Truck w/ Gondola Trailer
Peterbilt Model 351First Gear 60-0412Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Pierce Dash PumperDiecast Direct CD12880Emergency
Pierce Ladder TruckDiecast Direct CD12910Emergency
Pierce PumperErtl 1321UEmergency
Pierce Quantum PumperDiecast Direct CD12772Emergency
Pierce Quantum SnozzleAmercom Hobby GB-19Emergency
Pierce Rescue TruckDiecast Direct CD12714Emergency
Porsche 911LindbergPassenger
Porsche 914-6Mattel Hot Wheels DWH80Racing
Porsche 918 SpyderMaisto v1_15494-SET-20Passenger
Porsche 962Mattel Hot Wheels DWH76Racing
Porsche 964Mattel Hot Wheels DJF93Racing
Porsche Cayenne TurboMalibu InternationalSUV
Prevost HRoyal Coach BusBus
Prevost H3 CoachTonkin ReplicasBus
Prevost H3 PassengerTonkin ReplicasBus
Prevost XRoyal Coach BusBus
Prevost X3 PassengerTonkin ReplicasBus
Prevost XL II CoachTonkin ReplicasBus
Rolls Royce Alpine EagleRevirescoPassenger
Rolls Royce Limo #1RevirescoPassenger
Rolls Royce Limo #2RevirescoPassenger
Rolls Royce Limo #3RevirescoPassenger
Rolls Royce PhaetonRevirescoPassenger
Rolls Royce Royal Navy StaffRevirescoPassenger
Rolls Royce Silver CloudMatchboxPassenger
Saulsbury Heavy RescueCode 3 Collectibles 12707Emergency
Seagrave Fire Apparatus Aerialscope LadderAmercom Hobby GB-18Emergency
Seagrave Fire Apparatus Fire TruckCorgiEmergency
Shasta AirflyteGreenlight 29877RV
Shasta AirflyteGreenlight 34040-FRV
TerraGator TG8300B, Dry BoxSpecCast Collectibles SCT 544Farming
Topo Fuel Altered DragsterGreenlight 27840-FRacing
Versatile 610 4WD TractorErtl 16274Farming
Versatile 610DT Tracked TractorErtl 16315Farming
Versatile MFWD 365Ertl 16362Farming
Volkswagen BeetleGreenlight 29870-FPassenger
Volkswagen BeetleGreenlight 29860-BRacing
Volkswagen BeetleGreenlight 97010-FPassenger
Volkswagen BeetleMaisto 15380Passenger
Volkswagen BeetleMalibu InternationalPassenger
Volkswagen Karmann GhiaMattel Hot Wheels DJF96Racing
Volkswagen New BeetleKinsmartPassenger
Volkswagen Panel VanGreenlight 96170-FVan
Volkswagen SambaGreenlight 51077Van
Volkswagen SambaMaisto v3_15494-SET-18Van
Volkswagen TouareqMalibu InternationalPassenger
Volkswagen Type 2Greenlight 51077Van
Volkswagen Type 2 BusGreenlightVan
Volkswagen Type 2 Doka Crew CabGreenlight 35060-FVan
Volkswagen Type 2 Doka Crew CabGreenlight 97020-FVan
Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 31030-AVan
Volkswagen Type 2 Panel VanGreenlight 29897Van
Volkswagen Type 2 Panel VanGreenlight 29958Van
Volkswagen W30GreenlightPassenger
Volvo 770SpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1776Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Volvo 770SpecCast Collectibles 31650Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Volvo VNL 660Tonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Volvo VNL 770Tonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Volvo VNM Day CabTonkin Replicas M78403Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Volvo VNM Day CabTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Volvo VNM Day Cab Dual AxleTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Volvo VNR 300 Day CabFirst Gear 60-0368Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Western Star 4900 EX Day CabTonkin ReplicasTruck/Tractor
Western Star 5700 XEDie Cast Promotions 33970Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
Western Star 5700 XEDie Cast Promotions 34085Truck w/ Refrigerated Trailer
White Motor Company 300 CEOAurora 684-89Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
White Motor Company 300 CEOAurora 682-89Truck Tanker
White Motor Company 300 CEOAurora 681-89Truck Tanker
1901 Fiat Modello 8 CVHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsPassenger
1910 Hart-Parr Scale Models Inc. FC-469Farming
1914 Knox-Martin Fire TruckHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsEmergency
1915 Ford Model T Fire TruckRevirescoEmergency
1915 Ford Model T TankerRevirescoTruck Tanker
1919 Rumely Oil Pull 16-30Scale Models Inc. FC-467Farming
1920 (unknown) Cross-Motor Tractor3d To ScaleFarming
1920 Mack Truck ACDiecast Direct MC38238Truck
1920 Mack Truck ACDiecast Direct MC92123Truck
1920 Mack Truck ACDiecast Direct MC93518Fire Truck
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R241Truck
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R242Truck Flatbed
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R244Dump Truck
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R245Truck Logging
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R246Truck Logging
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R247Truck
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R249Dump Truck
1920 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R250Truck
1920 Rumely Oil PullScale Models Inc. FT-418Farming
1922 Ford Model T C CabRevirescoTruck Stake Body
1922 Mack Truck ACRailmaster Exports R243Truck Stake Body
1923 Maxim C1Amercom Hobby SF-58Emergency
1924 Ahrens-Fox Amercom Hobby SF-28Emergency
1925 Ford Model TRevirescoPassenger
1925 Ford Model T Coupe #1RevirescoPassenger
1925 Ford Model T Coupe #2RevirescoPassenger
1925 Ford Model T Steel Cab DumpRevirescoDump Truck
1925 Ford Model T Steel Cab ExpressRevirescoTruck City Delivery
1925 Ford Model T Steel Cab TankerRevirescoTruck Tanker
1926 Graham Brothers 1-1/2-tonHartoyTruck City Delivery
1926 Mack Truck DeliveryDiecast Direct E19142Truck
1927 Ford Model T-roadsterJohnny LightningPassenger
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R201Passenger
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R206Van
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R207Passenger
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R208Passenger
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R216Pickup
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R217Pickup
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R218Pickup
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R219Emergency
1928 Ford Model ARailmaster Exports R220Passenger
1929 (unknown) Flatbed TruckDiecast Direct MC36831Truck
1930 Chevrolet ErtlTruck Box Van
1930 Ford CoupeErtl 2677Passenger
1930 Ford Model AARailmaster Exports R260Bus
1931 Cadillac CabrioletJohnny LightningPassenger
1932 Buffalo Type 50Amercom Hobby SF-52Emergency
1932 Ford CoupeErtlPassenger
1932 Ford Model AARailmaster Exports R255Emergency
1932 Ford Model AARailmaster Exports R256Emergency
1933 Ford Model AARailmaster Exports R257Truck Flatbed
1933 Ford Model AARailmaster Exports R258Truck Stake Body
1933 Ford Model AARailmaster Exports R259Dump Truck
1934 Allis-Chalmers WCScale Models Inc. FC-3024Farming
1934 Ford P-B-L MSA-101Pickup
1934 Ford P-B-L MSA-103Truck Stake Body
1934 Ford P-B-L MSA-104Dump Truck
1934 Ford 1-1/2-tonChama Model Shop CMS-102Truck
1934 Ford AAMilestone Autos MSA-102Truck Chassis
1934 Ford AAMilestone Autos MSA-103Truck Stake Body
1934 Ford AAMilestone Autos MSA-104Dump Truck
1934 Ford Flathead V8Chama Model Shop CMS-103Passenger
1934 Ford PickupChama Model Shop CMS-101Pickup
1934 Ford PickupMilestone Autos MSA-101Pickup
1934 Ford Plow FlangerChama Model Shop CMS-106Railroad M.O.W.
1934 Ford StakebedMilestone Autos MSA-107Truck
1934 Ford TruckChama Model Shop CMS-107Truck Stake Body
1934 Ford TruckChama Model Shop CMS-113Dump Truck
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04012Truck Box Van
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04022Truck Stake Body
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04032Truck Canvas Back
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04052Truck Panel Stake Body
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04062Truck Tanker
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04013Truck Box Van
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy C04051Truck Panel Stake Body
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04033Truck Canvas Back
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04072Truck Stake Body
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04014Truck City Delivery
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04015Truck City Delivery
1934 GMC T-70 SeriesHartoy L04023Truck Stake Body
1934 John Deere "B" TractorErtlFarming
1934 Mack Truck Cab OverLehigh Valley Models LVM8-ITruck
1934 Mack Truck Cab OverLehigh Valley Models LVM8-MTruck Cement Mixer
1934 Minneapolis-Moline JScale Models Inc. FC-3017Farming
1935 Ford PickupRacing ChampionsPickup
1936 Austin RubyNew Zealand Finescale KS016Passenger
1936 Chevrolet PickupMaisto 15380Passenger
1936 Ford CoupeErtlPassenger
1936 Ford CoupeMaisto 15380Passenger
1936 Ford CoupeRailmaster Exports R205Passenger
1936 Ford CoupeRailmaster Exports R213Passenger
1936 Ford CoupeRailmaster Exports R214Passenger
1936 Yellow Coach Z-CT-843Newgard Model IndustriesBus
1937 Cord ConvertibleErtl 30301Passenger
1937 Cord ConvertibleJohnny LightningPassenger
1937 Divco Roy MeissnerStep Van
1937 Fordson Scale Models Inc. FC-3016Farming
1937 Mack Truck Mack JrYat Ming 64012Pickup
1937 Studebaker ExpressYat Ming 642002Pickup
1938 Chevrolet CoupeRailmaster Exports R202Passenger
1938 Chevrolet CoupeRailmaster Exports R211Passenger
1938 Chevrolet CoupeRailmaster Exports R212Passenger
1938 Dennis Light FourAmercom Hobby SF-53Emergency
1938 Ford PickupYat Ming 64200Pickup
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy C01031Truck Canvas Back
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01072Truck Stake Body
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy H01010Truck Box Van
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01013Truck Box Van
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01014Truck Box Van
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01022Truck Stake Body
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01024Truck Stake Body
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01032Truck Canvas Back
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01042Truck Drop-sides
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01062Truck Tanker
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51102Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51104Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51106Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01015Truck City Delivery
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy H51100Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01012Truck Box Van
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51302Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51303Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51103Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51105Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy C01011Truck Box Van
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy H01020Truck Stake Body
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01040Truck Drop-sides
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51202Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01025Truck Stake Body
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51107Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy 10202Truck Box Van
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L511xxTruck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01043Truck Drop-sides
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01016Truck City Delivery
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L01017Truck City Delivery
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51109Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Mack Truck BMHartoy L51110Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1938 Minneapolis-Moline ComfortScale Models Inc. FC-3303Farming
1938 Minneapolis-Moline UScale Models Inc. FB-2300Farming
1938 Volkswagen Type 1 Split Window BeetleGreenlight 27780-APassenger
1939 Chevrolet Delivery VanLledoVan
1939 Chevrolet Panel TruckGreenlight 27930-FVan
1939 Chevrolet Sedan 4-doorErtlPassenger
1939 Ford 9NErtlFarming
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03032Truck Canvas Back
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03023Truck Stake Body
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03012Truck Box Van
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03016Truck Box Van
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03015Truck Box Van
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03053Truck Panel Stake Body
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53105Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53302Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03013Truck Box Van
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03052Truck Panel Stake Body
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03062Truck Tanker
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53102Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53103Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53106Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53403Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03063Truck Tanker
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03014Truck Box Van
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53104Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53109Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L03033Truck Canvas Back
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53107Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy L53202Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Hartoy H03080Truck Box Van
1939 Peterbilt 260Tonkin ReplicasTruck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1939 Peterbilt 260Tonkin ReplicasTruck Tanker
1940 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75Jada ToysPassenger
1940 Cockshutt 70Scale Models Inc. FC-3032Farming
1940 Ford ConvertibleRailmaster Exports R215Passenger
1940 Ford CoupeRailmaster Exports R203Passenger
1940 Ford Delivery VanJohnny Lightning JLTX001Van
1940 Ford PickupRacing ChampionsPickup
1940 Ford WoodyRailmaster Exports R204Station Wagon
1940 GMC GreenlightBus
1940 Kenworth Old Motor TrucksTruck
1940 Kenworth Pazan TrucksTruck
1940 Mack Truck LJOld Motor TrucksTruck
1940 Mack Truck LJOld Motor TrucksTruck
1940 Oliver 70Scale Models Inc. FC-3022Farming
1940 Tucker CatzPaw Innovations SHS64TK40Passenger
1941 (unknown) 1/2-tonGreenlight 35050-AMilitary
1941 John Deere Model AErtlFarming
1941 Lincoln Continental CabrioletRacing ChampionsPassenger
1941 Magirus-Deutz S 3000 SLGAmercom Hobby SF-31Emergency
1941 U.S. Military 1/2-ton 4x4Greenlight 27840-AMilitary
1941 Willys CoupeMaisto 15494Passenger
1942 Harley-Davidson (motorcycle)HallmarkMotorcycle
1943 Ford M4A3 ShermanHallmarkMilitary
1944 Mercedes Benz L4500FAmercom Hobby SF-35Emergency
1945 Mack Truck LTOld Motor TrucksTruck
1945 Mack Truck LTPazan TrucksTruck
1946 Volkswagen Type 1 Split Window BeetleGreenlight 29860-APassenger
1947 Chevrolet SedanRevellPassenger
1947 Leyland CometVanguards 20000Truck Tanker
1947 Leyland CometVanguards 8000Truck Box Van
1947 Massey-Harris 44Scale Models Inc. FC-2652Farming
1948 Buick RivieraRacing Champions 09091Passenger
1948 Ford 8NErtlFarming
1948 Ford F-1Yat Ming 64006Pickup
1948 Ford F-100Racing ChampionsPickup
1948 Ford F-5Hartoy L05012Truck Box Van
1948 Ford F-5Hartoy L05082Truck City Delivery
1948 Ford F-5Hartoy L05083Truck City Delivery
1948 Ford F-5Hartoy L55302Truck w/ Tanker Trailer
1948 Ford F-5Hartoy L05084Truck City Delivery
1948 Ford F-5Hartoy L05013Truck Box Van
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55103Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy C55401Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55104Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55405Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55102Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55407Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55404Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55403Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 Ford F-7Hartoy L55402Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1948 GMC Dump TruckDiecast Direct MC36836Dump Truck
1948 GMC Fire Pumper/Rescue TruckDiecast Direct MC37631Emergency
1948 Mack Truck PumperDel Prado PublishersFire Truck
1948 Tucker TorpedoJohnny LightningPassenger
1948 Volkswagen Type 1 Split Window BeetleGreenlight 29870-APassenger
1949 Buick RivieraRacing ChampionsPassenger
1949 Chevrolet PickupRacing ChampionsPickup
1949 Mack Truck LTOld Motor TrucksTruck
1949 Mack Truck LTPazan TrucksTruck w/ Tanker Trailer
1949 Mercury CustomM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1949 Mercury SedanM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1949 Mercury SedanRacing ChampionsPassenger
1949 Studebaker 2RM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1949 Studebaker 2RM2 (by Castline) 32500-40Pickup
1950 (unknown) MCICatzPaw Innovations VEH64BSK1Bus
1950 American LaFrance 700 SeriesDel Prado PublishersFire Truck
1950 Bedford SVanguards 7003Truck Tanker
1950 Bedford SVanguards 7001Truck Tanker
1950 Bedford SVanguards 8000Truck Box Van
1950 Bedford SVanguardsTruck Tanker
1950 Brockway 260Pazan TrucksTruck
1950 Brockway Model 260Old Motor TrucksTruck
1950 Chevrolet Ertl 4633Truck Panel Stake Body
1950 Chevrolet 3100Racing Champions RC005Pickup
1950 Chevrolet Panel Delivery VanJohnny LightningVan
1950 Chevrolet PickupErtlPickup
1950 Chevrolet PickupJohnny Lightning JLBT004-APickup
1950 Ford CoupeRacing ChampionsPassenger
1950 GMC Hoquat HobbiesBus
1950 GMC CCKW TankerJohnny Lightning JLTX003Truck Tanker
1950 GMC PickupYat Ming 64002Pickup
1950 GMC TGH 3101Hoquat HobbiesBus
1950 Oldsmobile 88Johnny LightningPassenger
1950 Oldsmobile 88M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1950 Studebaker 2RM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1950 Studebaker TankerDinkyTruck Tanker
1950 Volkswagen BeetleGreenlight 29890APassenger
1950 Volkswagen BeetleJohnny Lightning JLPK001-DPassenger
1950 Volkswagen BeetleRailmaster Exports R209Passenger
1950 Volkswagen Beetle ConvertibleRailmaster Exports R210Passenger
1951 Chevrolet CorvairRacing Champions RC004Passenger
1951 Ford CrestlinerM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1951 Studebaker Racing Champions RC004Passenger
1951 Studebaker Racing Champions RC004Passenger
1951 Studebaker TruckM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1951 Studebaker TruckM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1951 Studebaker TruckM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1952 John Deere Model 60ErtlFarming
1952 Seagrave Fire Apparatus 70th Anniversary SeriesAmercom Hobby SF-19Emergency
1952 Seagrave Fire Apparatus PumperDel Prado PublishersFire Truck
1953 Cadillac EldoradoGreenlight 96050Passenger
1953 Cadillac Eldorado ConvertibleHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsPassenger
1953 Chevrolet 3100M2 (by Castline)Pickup
1953 Ford Crestline VictoriaM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1953 Ford F-100Yat MingPickup
1953 Ford PickupRacing Champions RC004Pickup
1953 Oldsmobile 98M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1953 Volkswagen BeetleM2 (by Castline) v1_32500Passenger
1953 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe EU ModelM2 (by Castline) 52500-RW03Passenger
1953 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe USA ModelM2 (by Castline) 32500Passenger
1953 Volkswagen Beetle Split WindowGreenlight 29920-APassenger
1954 Buick SkylarkM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1954 Chevrolet 3100M2 (by Castline)Pickup
1954 Chevrolet Bel AirM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1954 Chevrolet Bel AirMalibu InternationalPassenger
1954 Dodge CoronetM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1954 Dodge RoyalM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1954 Ford F-100Greenlight 31050-APickup
1954 Ford F-100Greenlight 32130-APickup
1954 Ford F-100Greenlight 44800-BPickup
1954 Ford F900Aurora 683-98Truck w/ Flat Trailer
1954 GMC Scenicruiser(unknown) PD-4501Bus
1954 International RDF 405Top Shelf ReplicasTruck/Tractor
1954 Mercury Sun ValleyM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1954 Studebaker 2RM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1954 Studebaker 3RM2 (by Castline)Tow Truck
1954 Studebaker 3RM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1955 Brockway 155Pazan TrucksTruck
1955 Brockway Model 155Old Motor TrucksTruck
1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60Greenlight 37120-APassenger
1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 SpecialGreenlight 27860-APassenger
1955 Chevrolet Johnny LightningPassenger
1955 Chevrolet 210 Hardtop 265M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1955 Chevrolet Bel AirGreenlight 96170-APassenger
1955 Chevrolet Bel AirHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsPassenger
1955 Chevrolet Bel AirM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1955 Chevrolet Bel AirRacing ChampionsPassenger
1955 Chevrolet Bel Air ConvertibleRacing ChampionsPassenger
1955 Chevrolet NomadGreenlight 29910-AStation Wagon
1955 Chevrolet NomadMaisto v1_15494-SET-17Passenger
1955 Chevrolet Street MachineRevellPassenger
1955 Cockshutt Wide-Front TractorSpecCast Collectibles SCT-685Emergency
1955 DeSoto FirefliteM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1955 Dodge Royal LancerM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1955 Ford ThunderbirdKinsmartPassenger
1955 Pontiac Star ChiefM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1956 (unknown) School BusJohnny LightningBus
1956 Ford COEM2 (by Castline) 36000-24Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1956 Ford COEM2 (by Castline) 36000-25Truck w/ Enclosed Trailer
1956 Ford COEM2 (by Castline) 56000-50S01Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1956 Ford Crown VictoriaRacing Champions RC005Passenger
1956 Ford F-100Greenlight 41040-CTow Truck
1956 Ford F-100Greenlight 27890-APickup
1956 Ford F-100High Speed Metal & PlasticsPickup
1956 Ford F-100Jada Toys 14020-W12-APickup
1956 Ford F-100M2 (by Castline)Pickup
1956 Ford F-100M2 (by Castline)Pickup
1956 Ford F-100M2 (by Castline) 32500Pickup
1956 Ford F-100M2 (by Castline) 37000Pickup
1956 Ford ThunderbirdJohnny LightningPassenger
1956 Mercedes Benz LF-8-1,75Amercom Hobby SF-60Emergency
1956 Mercury M-600M2 (by Castline) 36000-28Truck w/ Enclosed Trailer
1956 Volkswagen BeetleM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Chevrolet MatchboxPassenger
1957 Chevrolet 210 Beauville Station WagonM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Chevrolet Bel AirM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Chevrolet Bel AirMaisto 15380Passenger
1957 Chevrolet Corvette ConvertibleHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsPassenger
1957 Chevrolet NomadJohnny LightningPassenger
1957 Chevrolet NomadM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Chevrolet Sedan DeliveryM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Chevrolet SuburbanJada Toys 14020-W15-EVan
1957 Chrysler 300CM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 DeSoto AdventurerM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 DeSoto FirefliteM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Dodge COEM2 (by Castline)Truck
1957 Dodge COEM2 (by Castline) 36000-24Truck w/ Enclosed Trailer
1957 Dodge COEM2 (by Castline) 56000-50S01Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer D500M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Dodge L600 COEM2 (by Castline) 36000-22Truck w/ Open Trailer
1957 Fargo COEM2 (by Castline) 52500-RW03Truck Stake Body
1957 Ford C-seriesHartoy L06012Truck Box Van
1957 Ford FairlaneM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Ford Fairlane 500M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Ford Thames TraderVanguards 9003Truck Tanker
1957 Ford Thames TraderVanguards 15000Truck Drop-sides
1957 Ford Thames TraderVanguards 15002Truck Drop-sides
1957 Ford Thames TraderVanguards 9001Truck Tanker
1957 Lincoln PremierJohnny LightningPassenger
1957 Mercury TurnpikeM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Mercury Turnpike CruiserM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser M-335M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1958 American LaFrance 800 SeriesDel Prado PublishersFire Truck
1958 Catolac DeVilleGreenlight 34010-ARV
1958 Chevrolet Apache 4X4M2 (by Castline)Pickup
1958 Chevrolet Apache Step SideM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1958 Chevrolet Apache StepsideJada Toys 14020-W12-BPickup
1958 Chevrolet CorvetteJohnny LightningPassenger
1958 Chevrolet CorvetteMattel Hot Wheels 2015Passenger
1958 Chevrolet FalconJohnny LightningPassenger
1958 Chevrolet ImpalaErtlPassenger
1958 Chevrolet ImpalaM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1958 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3064Passenger
1958 Chevrolet Impala 283M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1958 Chevrolet Impala 283 F.I.M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1958 Chevrolet Impala 348M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1958 Chevrolet LCFM2 (by Castline)Truck/Tractor
1958 Chevrolet LCFM2 (by Castline)Truck w/ Flat Trailer
1958 Chevrolet LCFM2 (by Castline)Tow Truck
1958 Chevrolet PickupErtlPickup
1958 Chevrolet Spartan LCFM2 (by Castline) 36000-22Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1958 Chevrolet Spartan LCFM2 (by Castline) 36000-25Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1958 Chevrolet Spartan LCFM2 (by Castline) 36000-27Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1958 Chevrolet Spartan LCFM2 (by Castline) 36000-27Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1958 Chevrolet Spartan LCFM2 (by Castline) 56000-50S01Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1958 Edsel Racing Champions RC004Pickup
1958 Edsel 2-doorRacing ChampionsPassenger
1958 Edsel 2-door ConvertibleRacing ChampionsPassenger
1958 Edsel HardtopRacing Champions RC004Passenger
1958 Ford C-seriesHartoy L57402Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1958 Ford C-seriesHartoy H07010Truck City Delivery
1958 Ford F-250Racing ChampionsPickup
1958 GMC Fleet OptionM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1958 GMC Suburban CarrierM2 (by Castline)Pickup
1958 John Deere Model 330ErtlFarming
1958 Mack Truck C PumperAmercom Hobby GB-1Emergency
1958 Oliver 770Scale Models Inc. FC-179Farming
1958 Oliver 880Scale Models Inc. FC-180Farming
1958 Plymouth BelvedereAuto World 64152Passenger
1958 Plymouth BelvedereJohnny LightningPassenger
1958 Plymouth BelvedereM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1958 Plymouth FuryAuto World AWSS6401Passenger
1958 Plymouth FuryM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1958 Siesta Greenlight 34020-ARV
1959 Cadillac AmbulanceJohnny Lightning JLSS004Emergency
1959 Cadillac EldoradoRacing ChampionsPassenger
1959 Cadillac Eldorado ConvertibleJohnny Lightning JLCG007-CPassenger
1959 Cadillac Series 62M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1959 Catolac DeVilleGreenlight 34020-BRV
1959 Chevrolet Apache De Luxe FleetsideM2 (by Castline) 32500Pickup
1959 Chevrolet FleetsideM2 (by Castline) 52500-RW03Pickup
1959 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3362Passenger
1959 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3079Passenger
1959 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3098Passenger
1959 Chevrolet Impala ConvertibleJohnny LightningPassenger
1959 Chevrolet LCFM2 (by Castline) 36000-24Truck w/ Enclosed Trailer
1959 Chevrolet Spartan LCFM2 (by Castline) 36000-23Truck w/ Enclosed Trailer
1959 Chevrolet Spartan LCFM2 (by Castline) 36000-28Truck w/ Flat Trailer
1959 Ford F-250Johnny Lightning JLBT002-CPickup
1959 Holiday House Greenlight 34040-ARV
1959 International DCOF-405Neo Scale Models 64030Truck
1959 Siesta Greenlight 34010-BRV
1959 Volkswagen Double Cab TruckM2 (by Castline) v4_32500Van
1959 Volkswagen MicrobusM2 (by Castline)Van
1959 Volkswagen Microbus Deluxe USA ModelM2 (by Castline) 32500Van
1960 Caterpillar TraxcavatorAmercom HobbyConstruction
1960 Chevrolet CorvairRacing Champions 05795Passenger
1960 Chevrolet Corvette RiptideErtl 1077Passenger
1960 Chevrolet ImpalaRacing Champions RC003Passenger
1960 Chrysler 300FM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1960 Dodge LCF-seriesMatchbox K-16Truck
1960 GMC B-modelMatchbox K-4Truck
1960 International DF-405Top Shelf ReplicasTruck/Tractor
1960 Mack Truck BErtlTruck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1960 Mack Truck H673-STNeo Scale Models 64000Truck
1960 Premier-Secours HotchkissAmercom Hobby SF-16Emergency
1960 Volkswagen Delivery VanM2 (by Castline) v2_32500Van
1960 Volkswagen Delivery Van USA ModelM2 (by Castline) 32500Van
1960 Volkswagen Double Cab TruckM2 (by Castline)Van
1961 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3099Passenger
1961 Dodge D-seriesMatchbox K-18Truck
1961 Dodge PhoenixAuto World 64172Passenger
1961 Lincoln ContinentalJohnny Lightning JLCG003-FPassenger
1961 Magirus-Deutz Mercur TLF16Amercom Hobby SF-37Emergency
1961 Pontiac CatalinaJohnny Lightning JLSF006Passenger
1961 Volkswagen Double Cab TruckM2 (by Castline) v3_32500Van
1961 Volkswagen Type 3 SquarebackGreenlight 32140-AStation Wagon
1962 Chevrolet Bel AirJohnny LightningPassenger
1962 Chevrolet CorvairJohnny LightningPassenger
1962 Chevrolet CorvetteGreenlightPassenger
1962 Chevrolet ImpalaAuto World 64182Passenger
1962 Dodge D-100Greenlight 29850-APickup
1962 Dodge D-100 Long BedGreenlight 41020-APickup
1962 Volkswagen BusKinsmartVan
1962 Volkswagen Microbus DeluxeM2 (by Castline) v5_32500Van
1963 Chevrolet ImpalaRacing ChampionsPassenger
1963 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3071Passenger
1963 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3080Passenger
1963 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3097Passenger
1963 Chrysler 300 ConvertibleGreenlight 27710Passenger
1963 Dodge D-100Greenlight 41010-BPickup
1963 Dodge PolaraAuto World 64052Passenger
1963 Ford EconolineM2 (by Castline) 32500 WMTS10 17-77Van
1963 Ford Econoline Delivery VanM2 (by Castline) 32500 WMTS10 17-74Van
1963 Ford GalaxieJohnny LightningPassenger
1963 Ford ThunderbirdHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsPassenger
1963 International Fleetstar F2000DNeo Scale Models 64005Truck
1963 Studebaker AvantiJohnny LightningPassenger
1963 Volkswagen Type 3Greenlight 29920-BStation Wagon
1964 Chevrolet CorvetteLindbergPassenger
1964 Chevrolet ImpalaRacing ChampionsPassenger
1964 Chevrolet ImpalaRevell 3070Passenger
1964 Chevrolet NovaMattel Hot Wheels FKY23Station Wagon
1964 Dodge 330Johnny LightningPassenger
1964 Dodge D-100Greenlight 44700-EPickup
1964 Ford C-950M2 (by Castline) 36000-25Truck w/ Refrigerated Trailer
1964 Ford Country SquireAuto World 64052Passenger
1964 Ford EconolineM2 (by Castline) 32500 WMTS10 17-79Van
1964 Ford FairlaneRacing ChampionsPassenger
1964 Ford Falcon DeliveryJohnny LightningStation Wagon
1964 Ford MustangHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsPassenger
1964 Ford Mustang 64 1/2ErtlPassenger
1964 Oldsmobile Vista CruiserJohnny Lightning JLBT001-APassenger
1964 Plymouth BarracudaAuto World 64152Passenger
1964 Plymouth BarracudaAuto WorldPassenger
1964 Plymouth FuryGreenlight 27610Passenger
1964 Plymouth Fury Max WedgeGreenlight 27655Passenger
1964 Pontiac Grand PrixAuto World 64052Passenger
1964 Volkswagen KarmannJohnny Lightning JLCG007-APassenger
1964 Volkswagen SambaGreenlight 29890AVan
1964 Volkswagen SambaGreenlight 29920-CVan
1964 Volkswagen TransporterJohnny LightningVan
1964 Winnebago Greenlight 34010-CRV
1965 Buick RivieraJohnny LightningPassenger
1965 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS 350M2 (by Castline) 32500-40Passenger
1965 Chevrolet ChevelleGreenlight 27620Passenger
1965 Chevrolet CorvetteJohnny LightningPassenger
1965 Chevrolet El CaminoJohnny LightningPassenger
1965 Chevrolet NovaJohnny Lightning JLMC010-BPassenger
1965 Chevrolet Nova SSJohnny Lightning JLMC004-BPassenger
1965 Chevrolet PickupJohnny Lightning JLBT001-BPickup
1965 Chevrolet Pickup Short FleetsidJohnny LightningPickup
1965 Dodge Coronet 500 ConvertibleGreenlight 27710Passenger
1965 Dodge D-100Greenlight 41030-APickup
1965 Dodge Pickup Short UtilineGreenlightPickup
1965 Ford Econoline Camper VanM2 (by Castline) 32500Van
1965 Ford Econoline Delivery VanM2 (by Castline)Van
1965 Ford Expedition Camper VanM2 (by Castline) 32500 WMTS10 17-78Van
1965 Ford F-100Racing Champions RC005Pickup
1965 Ford Falcon Club WagonM2 (by Castline)Van
1965 Ford GalaxieGreenlightPassenger
1965 Ford GalaxieRacing ChampionsPassenger
1965 Ford GalaxieRacing Champions RC003Emergency
1965 Ford Galaxie 500Racing ChampionsPassenger
1965 Ford GT40Auto World 64062Passenger
1965 Ford MustangJohnny LightningPassenger
1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 FastbackM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1965 Ford Pickup Long BoxRacing ChampionsPickup
1965 International 1200Johnny Lightning JLCG007-BPickup
1965 International Harvester Pickup Long FleetsideJohnny LightningPickup
1965 John Deere Blue 5020Scale Models Inc. FC-2400Farming
1965 Lincoln ContinentalGreenlight 44770-CPassenger
1965 Lincoln Continental ConvertibleGreenlight 37140-APassenger
1965 Mack Truck Fire TruckCode 3 Collectibles 12542/3/4Emergency
1965 Mack Truck Fire TruckCode 3 CollectiblesEmergency
1965 Mack Truck Fire TruckCode 3 CollectiblesEmergency
1965 Mercury EconolineM2 (by Castline) 32500 WMTS10 17-75Van
1965 Mercury Econoline Delivery VanM2 (by Castline) 32500 WMTS10 17-76Van
1965 Plymouth BarracudaAuto World 64112Passenger
1965 Pontiac CatalinaJohnny LightningPassenger
1965 Pontiac GTOJohnny Lightning JLCG003Emergency
1965 Shelby CobraGreenlight 96170-CPassenger
1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/CMalibu InternationalPassenger
1965 Shelby GT350Greenlight 29949Racing
1965 Shelby GT350M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1965 Volkswagen Type 3Greenlight 29910-CStation Wagon
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SSAuto World 64172Passenger
1966 Chevrolet Corvette 327M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Chevrolet Corvette 427M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Chevrolet El CaminoAuto World 64031Passenger
1966 Chevrolet ImpalaAuto World 64072Passenger
1966 Chevrolet NovaRacing ChampionsPassenger
1966 Dodge ChargerJohnny LightningPassenger
1966 Dodge ChargerM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Dodge Charger 383M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Dodge Charger HemiM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Dodge D-100GreenlightPickup
1966 Dodge L600M2 (by Castline)Truck Stake Body
1966 Dodge L600M2 (by Castline)Tow Truck
1966 Ford Baja BroncoGreenlight 35020-ATruck
1966 Ford BroncoGreenlight 27730-ASUV
1966 Ford C-600M2 (by Castline)Truck w/ Flat Trailer
1966 Ford FairlaneJohnny Lightning JLCG007-FPassenger
1966 Ford Galaxie XLGreenlightPassenger
1966 Ford MustangJohnny LightningPassenger
1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback 289M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Ford Mustang Fastback GTM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Mercury CometAuto World 64152Passenger
1966 Oldsmobile 442Auto World 64182Passenger
1966 Shelby G.T.350HM2 (by Castline) R38 16-15Passenger
1966 Shelby GT350Greenlight 27650Passenger
1966 Shelby GT350M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1966 Volkswagen Karmann GhiaJohnny Lightning JLPK001-CPassenger
1966 Volkswagen Type 3Greenlight 29920-DStation Wagon
1967 Austin MiniMattel Hot Wheels DWH31Passenger
1967 Cadillac EldoradoAuto World 64062Passenger
1967 Chevrolet CamaroJohnny LightningPassenger
1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28Greenlight 13210-ARacing
1967 Chevrolet ChevelleAuto World 64062Passenger
1967 Chevrolet ChevelleJohnny LightningPassenger
1967 Chevrolet CorvetteAuto World 64021Passenger
1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sting RayGreenlight 44770-BPassenger
1967 Chevrolet El CaminoAuto World 64021Passenger
1967 Chevrolet ImpalaGreenlightPassenger
1967 Chevrolet ImpalaGreenlight 42800-AEmergency
1967 Chevrolet Impala SedanGreenlightPassenger
1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport SedanGreenlight 27730-BPassenger
1967 Chevrolet Impala SSGreenlight 40010Passenger
1967 Chevrolet NovaJohnny LightningPassenger
1967 Chevrolet NovaM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1967 Chevrolet Nova SSM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1967 Chevrolet Nova SS 283M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1967 Dodge D-100Greenlight 29866Pickup
1967 Dodge D-100Greenlight 41010-CPickup
1967 Dodge D200Greenlight 35060-APickup
1967 Ford BroncoGreenlightSUV
1967 Ford BroncoGreenlight 41020-BSUV
1967 Ford Custom PoliceGreenlight 42800-BEmergency
1967 Ford Custom PoliceGreenlight 44800-AEmergency
1967 Ford F-100Greenlight 27880-APickup
1967 Ford F-100Greenlight 29862Pickup
1967 Ford F-350 Ramp TruckGreenlight 33110-ATruck Flatbed
1967 Ford FairlaneJohnny LightningPassenger
1967 Ford Galaxy 500Greenlight 29850-BPassenger
1967 Ford MustangGreenlight 13170-APassenger
1967 Ford MustangLindbergPassenger
1967 Ford Mustang CoupeGreenlight 44750-EPassenger
1967 Ford Mustang FastbackGreenlight 27630Passenger
1967 Ford Mustang FastbackGreenlight 44722Passenger
1967 Ford Mustang GTAuto World 64062Passenger
1967 Ford Mustang GT ConvertibleGreenlightPassenger
1967 Ford Mustang TerlinguaGreenlight 29876Racing
1967 Plymouth FuryRacing Champions RC003Emergency
1967 Pontiac GTO ConvertibleGreenlight 27650Passenger
1967 Shelby GT500Greenlight 27920-APassenger
1967 Shelby GT500M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1967 Volkswagen BeetleKinsmartPassenger
1967 Volkswagen BeetleM2 (by Castline) v6_32500Passenger
1968 Buick GS400Greenlight 27640Passenger
1968 Chevrolet C-10Greenlight 29650Pickup
1968 Chevrolet C-10Greenlight 27760-APickup
1968 Chevrolet C-20 CheyenneGreenlight 29865Pickup
1968 Chevrolet CamaroMattel Hot Wheels DJF77GRacing
1968 Chevrolet CamaroRacing Champions RC004Passenger
1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SSGreenlight 37120-BPassenger
1968 Chevrolet ImpalaJohnny LightningPassenger
1968 Chevrolet Impala ConvertibleJohnny LightningPassenger
1968 Chevrolet Nova SSJohnny LightningPassenger
1968 Datsun 510Greenlight 27950-APassenger
1968 Dodge Charger R/TGreenlight 27610Passenger
1968 Ford F-100Greenlight 27910-APickup
1968 Ford F-100Greenlight 41030-BPickup
1968 Ford F-350Greenlight 51139Truck Flatbed
1968 Ford F-350 Ramp TruckGreenlight 33100-CTruck Flatbed
1968 Ford GT FastbackGreenlight 29931Passenger
1968 Ford Mustang GTGreenlight 13190-APassenger
1968 Ford Mustang GT Cobra JetM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Mercury CougarMattel Hot Wheels DJF77GRacing
1968 Mercury Cougar GT-E 428M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Mercury Cougar R-codeM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-GJohnny Lightning JLCG003Passenger
1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S W-31Johnny LightningPassenger
1968 Plymouth GTXGreenlight 37120-CPassenger
1968 Pontiac FirebirdRacing Champions RC005Passenger
1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 H.O.M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Pontiac Firebird SprintM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Shelby GT500KRM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1968 Shelby GT500KRRacing Champions RC005Passenger
1968 Volkswagen Type 2Greenlight 29860-EVan
1968 Volkswagen Type 2 BusGreenlight 27780-CVan
1968 Volkswagen Type 2 CampmobileGreenlight 29860-DVan
1968 Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 29860-CVan
1968 Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 32100-AVan
1968 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab CampmobileGreenlight 29870-BVan
1968 Volkswagen Type 3Greenlight 29910-DStation Wagon
1969 AMC AMXJohnny LightningPassenger
1969 Chevrolet BlazerJohnny Lightning JLBT002-ASUV
1969 Chevrolet C-10Greenlight 27670Pickup
1969 Chevrolet CamaroJohnny LightningPassenger
1969 Chevrolet CamaroM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro ConvertibleGreenlight 97010-BPassenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro ConvertibleHigh Speed Metal & PlasticsPassenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SSJohnny Lightning JLMC004-FPassenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 427 NickeyM2 (by Castline) R38 16-13Passenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RSM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS 396M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28Johnny Lightning JLPK001-APassenger
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 RSM2 (by Castline) 32500Passenger
1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396Greenlight 13210-BPassenger
1969 Chevrolet CorvetteMattel Hot Wheels DJF77GRacing
1969 Chevrolet Impala ConvertibleJohnny LightningPassenger
1969 Chevrolet Kingswood EstateAuto World 64062Passenger
1969 Dodge Charger DaytonaGreenlight 27640Passenger
1969 Dodge Charger DaytonaM2 (by Castline) R38 16-10Passenger
1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 440M2 (by Castline) 32500-40Passenger
1969 Dodge Charger Daytona HemiM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Dodge Charger R/TJohnny LightningPassenger
1969 Dodge CoronetJohnny LightningPassenger
1969 Dodge DartJohnny Lightning JLSF004-CPassenger
1969 Dodge L600M2 (by Castline) 36000-23Truck w/ Flat Trailer
1969 Dodge L600M2 (by Castline) 36000-28Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1969 Dodge L600 COEM2 (by Castline) 36000-27Truck w/ Open Trailer
1969 Dodge Super BeeJohnny Lightning JLMC007Passenger
1969 Ford F-100Greenlight 41020-CPickup
1969 Ford F-100Greenlight 41050-DPickup
1969 Ford F-100 Ranger 4x4M2 (by Castline) 32500Pickup
1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302Greenlight 40010Passenger
1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429Greenlight 44780-EPassenger
1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1Johnny Lightning JLMC004-EPassenger
1969 Ford Mustang Resto ModGreenlight 37110-APassenger
1969 Mercury CougarAuto World 64021Passenger
1969 Oldsmobile 442Johnny LightningPassenger
1969 Oliver 1855Scale Models Inc. FC-3028Farming
1969 Plymouth Barracuda 340M2 (by Castline) 32500-40Passenger
1969 Plymouth GTXGreenlightPassenger
1969 Plymouth Road Runner 383M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 6-packM2 (by Castline) R38 16-11Passenger
1969 Plymouth Road Runner HemiM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Pontiac FirebirdAuto World 64052Passenger
1969 Pontiac GTOM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Pontiac GTO JudgeM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1969 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab CampmobileGreenlight 29920-EPickup
1970 (unknown) Utility TruckCatzPaw Innovations SHS64UT70Pickup
1970 AMC Rebel MachineJohnny LightningPassenger
1970 Buick GSXM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Chevrolet BlazerJohnny Lightning JLCG007-ESUV
1970 Chevrolet C-30Greenlight 29935Truck Flatbed
1970 Chevrolet C60M2 (by Castline) 36000-29Truck w/ Open Trailer
1970 Chevrolet C60M2 (by Castline)Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1970 Chevrolet C60 Tow TruckM2 (by Castline) 32500Tow Truck
1970 Chevrolet CamaroJohnny LightningPassenger
1970 Chevrolet CamaroRacing Champions RCSP002Racing
1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28Greenlight 29780Passenger
1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28Johnny LightningPassenger
1970 Chevrolet ChevelleMattel Hot Wheels DJF95Racing
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SSGreenlight 13170-CPassenger
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SSJohnny Lightning JLCP6002Passenger
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SSRacing Champions RC005Passenger
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454Greenlight 13190-CPassenger
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454M2 (by Castline) 32600-44Passenger
1970 Chevrolet COPO ChevelleGreenlight 37110-EPassenger
1970 Chevrolet CorvetteLindbergPassenger
1970 Chevrolet ImpalaAuto World 64052Passenger
1970 Chevrolet K-10 Monster TruckGreenlight 49010-BRacing
1970 Chevrolet Monte CarloRevellPassenger
1970 Chevrolet NovaMaisto 15494Passenger
1970 Cockshutt 1755Scale Models Inc. FC-3036Farming
1970 Cockshutt 1855Scale Models Inc. FC-3029Farming
1970 Datsun 240ZGreenlight 47010-BRacing
1970 Datsun 510Greenlight 29900-BPassenger
1970 Dodge Challenger Hemi R/TGreenlight 37110-BPassenger
1970 Dodge Challenger R/TGreenlight 13170-EPassenger
1970 Dodge Challenger R/TJohnny Lightning JLMC005Passenger
1970 Dodge Challenger R/TMaisto 15494Passenger
1970 Dodge Challenger T/AGreenlight 37120-EPassenger
1970 Dodge ChargerGreenlight 13170-BPassenger
1970 Dodge Charger Hemi R/TGreenlight 37110-CPassenger
1970 Dodge Charger R/TJohnny Lightning JLCP6001Passenger
1970 Dodge Charger R/TMaisto v3_15494-SET-17Passenger
1970 Dodge Charger R/TMattel Hot Wheels DJF77GRacing
1970 Dodge L600M2 (by Castline) 36000-29Truck w/ Enclosed Trailer
1970 Dodge L600M2 (by Castline)Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1970 Dodge L600 COEM2 (by Castline)Truck
1970 Dodge Super BeeRacing Champions RC003Passenger
1970 Dodge Super Bee 383M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Dodge Super Bee HemiM2 (by Castline) 32600-44Passenger
1970 Ford BroncoGreenlight 27750-ASUV
1970 Ford C-600M2 (by Castline) 36000-23Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1970 Ford C-600M2 (by Castline) 36000-29Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1970 Ford C-600M2 (by Castline)Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
1970 Ford C-950M2 (by Castline) 36000-22Truck w/ Enclosed Trailer
1970 Ford F-100Greenlight 41040-DPickup
1970 Ford F-100Greenlight 32120-APickup
1970 Ford F-100Greenlight 32100-BPickup
1970 Ford F-100Greenlight 35070-BPickup
1970 Ford F-100Greenlight 29967Pickup
1970 Ford F-350 Ramp TruckGreenlight 29892Truck Flatbed
1970 Ford F-350 Ramp TruckGreenlight 33080-BTruck Flatbed
1970 Ford MustangGreenlight 40010Passenger
1970 Ford MustangM2 (by Castline) 37000Passenger
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Ford Mustang CoupeGreenlightPassenger
1970 Ford Mustang GrabberM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Twister SpecialM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Ford Shelby GT500Johnny LightningPassenger
1970 Ford Torino CobraM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Ford Torino GTJohnny LightningPassenger
1970 Ford Torino GTM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Ford Torino GT 429 SCJM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Jeep CJ-5Greenlight 27950-DPassenger
1970 Mack Truck Fire TruckCode 3 CollectiblesEmergency
1970 Mack Truck Fire TruckCode 3 CollectiblesEmergency
1970 Mercury MontegoJohnny Lightning JLMC004-APassenger
1970 Oldsmobile 442Greenlight 27650Passenger
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W-30M2 (by Castline) 32600-44Passenger
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350Greenlight 13210-CPassenger
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S W-31Johnny LightningPassenger
1970 Oliver 1755Scale Models Inc. FC-3034Farming
1970 Oliver 1955Scale Models Inc. FC-3035Farming
1970 Plymouth BarracudaGreenlight 27760Passenger
1970 Plymouth Barracuda HEMIGreenlight 40010Passenger
1970 Plymouth Barracuda HEMIGreenlight 13190-BPassenger
1970 Plymouth Barracuda HEMIGreenlight 37110-DPassenger
1970 Plymouth GTXGreenlight 27655Passenger
1970 Plymouth Road Runner ConvertibleGreenlight 27640Passenger
1970 Pontiac GTOGreenlightPassenger
1970 Pontiac GTO ConvertibleGreenlight 27630Passenger
1971 Airstream Double-Axle Land Yacht SafariGreenlight 34040-BRV
1971 AMC Javelin AMXGreenlight 13180-APassenger
1971 AMC Javelin PoliceGreenlight 27750-BEmergency
1971 Buick GSXJohnny LightningPassenger
1971 Chevrolet CamaroMaisto v1_15494-SET-19Passenger
1971 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396M2 (by Castline) R46 17-48Passenger
1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28Greenlight 27620Passenger
1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454Greenlight 27910-BPassenger
1971 Chevrolet CheyenneGreenlightPickup
1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SSJohnny Lightning JLMC004-DPassenger
1971 Datsun 240ZGreenlight 29880-BPassenger
1971 Datsun 240ZGreenlight 29900-DRacing
1971 Datsun 510Greenlight 47010-ERacing
1971 Dodge ChallengerGreenlightPassenger
1971 Dodge Challenger R/TAuto World 64052Passenger
1971 Dodge Challenger R/TGreenlight 27655Passenger
1971 Dodge ChargerGreenlight 41010-ERacing
1971 Dodge ChargerM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1971 Dodge Charger R/TM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1971 Dodge Charger R/T 383M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1971 Ford BroncoGreenlight 29942SUV
1971 Ford F-100Greenlight 35080-DRacing
1971 Ford F-100Greenlight 29968Pickup
1971 Ford F-100Greenlight 29957Pickup
1971 Ford MaverickJohnny LightningPassenger
1971 Ford MustangAuto World 64152Passenger
1971 Ford Mustang Boss 302M2 (by Castline) WC05 16-47Passenger
1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1Johnny LightningPassenger
1971 Ford PintoJohnny LightningPassenger
1971 Mercury MontegoJohnny LightningPassenger
1971 Minneapolis-Moline G850Scale Models Inc. FC-3030Farming
1971 Nissan Skyline GT-RGreenlight 47010-APassenger
1971 Plymouth BarracudaGreenlightPassenger
1971 Plymouth Barracuda HEMIGreenlight 13180-BPassenger
1971 Plymouth Cuda 383M2 (by Castline)Passenger
1971 Plymouth Cuda 440M2 (by Castline) WC05 16-46Passenger
1971 Plymouth Cuda 440M2 (by Castline) 32600-44Passenger
1971 Plymouth Cuda HemiM2 (by Castline)Passenger
1971 Plymouth GTXJohnny LightningPassenger
1971 Plymouth GTXRacing ChampionsPassenger
1971 Pontiac Firebird T/AJohnny Lightning JLSF006Passenger
1971 Pontiac GTOJohnny LightningPassenger
1971 Seagrave Fire Apparatus K-type PumperAmercom Hobby SF-29Emergency
1971 Volkswagen Double CabGreenlight 37140-CSUV
1971 Volkswagen Type 2 BusGreenlight 29893Van
1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 29870-CVan
1972 AMC GremlinJohnny Lightning JLCG007-DPassenger
1972 AMC Javelin AMXGreenlight 29948Racing
1972 Buick RivieraJohnny LightningPassenger
1972 Chevrolet C-10Greenlight 27790-BPickup
1972 Chevrolet C-10Greenlight 41020-DPickup
1972 Chevrolet C-30Greenlight 33120-ATruck Flatbed
1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28Greenlight 13190-DPassenger
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SSGreenlight 13180-CPassenger
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396Greenlight 27880-BPassenger
1972 Chevrolet CheyenneJada Toys 14020-W13-BPickup
1972 Chevrolet K-10 Monster TruckGreenlight 49010-FRacing
1972 Chevrolet VegaJohnny Lightning JLSF006Passenger
1972 Condor IIGreenlight 33090-ARV
1972 Datsun 510Greenlight 47010-DRacing
1972 Dodge ChallengerAuto World AWSP003-BPassenger
1972 Ford F-100Greenlight 31040-APickup
1972 Ford F-100Greenlight 41010-FPickup
1972 Ford F-100Greenlight 31060-APickup
1972 Ford F-100Greenlight 35100-DPickup
1972 Ford F-100M2 (by Castline)Pickup
1972 Ford F-350Greenlight 29925Truck Flatbed
1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1Auto World AWSP011Passenger
1972 GMC VanduraGreenlight 35100-CVan
1972 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-RGreenlight 47010-CPassenger
1972 Oldsmobile 442Johnny Lightning JLSF004-FPassenger
1972 Volkswagen Type 2Greenlight 32080-CVan
1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab CampmobileGreenlight 29920-FVan
1973 AMC JavelinGreenlight 27840-BPassenger
1973 AMC Javelin AMXGreenlight 29710Passenger
1973 Chevrolet CapriceJohnny Lightning JLBT004-BStation Wagon
1973 Datsun Baja ZGreenlight 29880-CRacing
1973 Dodge ChallengerAuto World 64172Passenger
1973 Dodge ChargerJohnny LightningPassenger
1973 Dodge CNT 950Neo Scale Models 64010Truck/Tractor
1973 Ford Falcon XBGreenlight 13190-EPassenger
1973 Ford Gran TorinoGreenlight 44780-DPassenger
1973 Pontiac GTOJohnny LightningPassenger
1973 Volkswagen Type 2Greenlight 29956Van
1973 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia CampmobileGreenlight 27790-CVan
1973 Winnebago ChieftainGreenlight 33080-ARV
1974 Buick Estate Station WagonAuto World 64182Passenger
1974 Dodge B-100Greenlight 29810-DVan
1974 Dodge ChallengerAuto World 64152Passenger
1974 Dodge MonacoGreenlight 42780-AEmergency
1974 Ford BroncoGreenlightSUV
1974 Ford F-250 Monster TruckGreenlight 49010-ARacing
1974 Ford Gran TorinoJohnny Lightning JLCG003-CPassenger
1974 Jeep CJ-5Greenlight 37140-DSUV
1974 Jeep RenegadeGreenlight 29936SUV
1974 Plymouth Road RunnerAuto World AWSP002Passenger
1974 Plymouth Road Runner GTXAuto World 64112Passenger
1974 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab CampmobileGreenlight 41020-EVan
1974 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel VanGreenlight 27930-BVan
1975 Dodge B-100GreenlightVan
1975 Dodge MonacoGreenlightPassenger
1975 Ford BroncoGreenlight 37110-FSUV
1975 Ford Bronco BajaGreenlight 35070-CRacing
1975 Ford Gran TorinoGreenlight 42840-AEmergency
1975 Pontiac FirebirdAuto World 64112Passenger
1975 Volkswagen BeetleJohnny LightningPassenger
1975 Volkswagen Type 2 BusGreenlight 97010-CVan
1975 Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 29890DVan
1975 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel VanGreenlight 29870-DVan
1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVilleAuto World 64112Passenger
1976 Chevrolet CamaroJohnny LightningPassenger
1976 Chevrolet G20Greenlight 35060-CVan
1976 Dodge B-100GreenlightVan
1976 Dodge Coronet PoliceGreenlight 27930-CEmergency
1976 Ford BroncoGreenlight 29810-CSUV
1976 Ford CustomGreenlight 29810-APassenger
1976 Ford Gran TorinoGreenlight 44780-AEmergency
1976 Ford Gran TorinoGreenlight 13210-DPassenger
1976 Ford Mustang II Cobra IIGreenlight 13210-EPassenger
1976 Pontiac Firebird T/AAuto World 64172Passenger
1976 Pontiac LeMansGreenlight 42830-BEmergency
1976 Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 29870-EVan
1976 Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 29860-FVan
1976 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel VanGreenlight 97020-BVan
1977 American LaFrance Century PumperAmercom Hobby GB-5Emergency
1977 Chevrolet CamaroJohnny LightningPassenger
1977 Chevrolet G20GreenlightVan
1977 Chevrolet Monte CarloRevell 3095Passenger
1977 Dodge MonacoGreenlightEmergency
1977 Dodge Monaco PoliceGreenlight 44799-CEmergency
1977 Dodge RamchargerGreenlight 27630Pickup
1977 Dodge RamchargerGreenlight 31060-CEmergency
1977 Dodge Royal MonacoGreenlight 29810-EPassenger
1977 Ford BroncoGreenlight 35050-BSUV
1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeJohnny Lightning JLCG003Passenger
1977 Plymouth FuryGreenlight 42850-AEmergency
1977 Plymouth Trail DusterGreenlightSUV
1977 Pontiac Firebird TAGreenlight 27730-CPassenger
1977 Pontiac LeMansGreenlight 44780-BEmergency
1977 Pontiac LeMansGreenlight 42850-BEmergency
1977 Volkswagen Type 2 Double CabGreenlight 29890EVan
1977 White Motor Company Road BossNeo Scale ModelsTruck/Tractor
1977 White Motor Company Road Boss WreckerNeo Scale ModelsEmergency
1978 Chevrolet Corvette 25th AnniversaryGreenlight 27890-CPassenger
1978 Dodge MonacoGreenlight 44780-CPassenger
1978 Dodge RamchargerGreenlightPickup
1978 Dodge WarlockJohnny LightningPassenger
1978 Plymouth Trail DusterGreenlightSUV
1978 Porsche 935Mattel Hot Wheels DJF94Racing
1978 Porsche 935-78Mattel Hot Wheels DWH78Racing
1978 Volkswagen Type 2Greenlight 27840-CVan
1979 Ford F-350Greenlight 51203Racing
1979 Ford LTD Country SquireGreenlight 29910-EStation Wagon
1979 International ScoutJohnny Lightning JLCG003SUV
1979 Jeep CJ-5Greenlight 27940-CSUV
1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans AmGreenlight 37140-FPassenger
1979 Pontiac Trans AmGreenlight 27940-DPassenger
1979 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel VanGreenlight 41030-DVan
1980 Chevrolet MalibuJohnny Lightning JLMC014Passenger
1980 Chevrolet MonzaJohnny LightningPassenger
1980 Ford BroncoRacing ChampionsSUV
1980 Ford BroncoRacing Champions RC003Emergency
1980 GMC VanduraGreenlight 27950-CPassenger
1980 Jeep CJ-5Greenlight 44800-CSUV
1980 Pontiac FirebirdGreenlight 27670Passenger
1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans AmGreenlightPassenger
1980 Toyota Land CruiserJohnny LightningSUV
1981 Cadillac Coupe DeVilleRevell 3094Passenger
1981 Chevrolet CitationJohnny Lightning JLSF006Passenger
1981 Chevrolet MalibuJohnny LightningPassenger
1981 Jeep WagoneerJohnny Lightning JLCG001Passenger
1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans AmGreenlightPassenger
1982 Buick RegalRevell 3096Passenger
1982 Chevrolet CamaroErtlPassenger
1982 Chevrolet CorvetteGreenlightPassenger
1982 Chevrolet MinitruckErtlPickup
1982 Ford ExpErtlPassenger
1982 Pontiac Turbo FirebirdErtlPassenger
1983 Chevrolet CorvetteErtlPassenger
1983 Ford MustangErtlPassenger
1983 Ford ThunderbirdErtlPassenger
1983 GMC VanduraGreenlight 44790-BVan
1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass HurstJohnny LightningPassenger
1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass HurstJohnny Lightning JLMC014Passenger
1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SSGreenlight 27790-DPassenger
1985 Ford LTD Country SquireGreenlight 29910-FStation Wagon
1985 Ford Mustang SVOAuto World 64021Passenger
1986 Buick RegalRacing Champions RC003Passenger
1986 Chevrolet G20Greenlight 29850-CVan
1986 Fleetwood BounderGreenlight 29845RV
1986 Pontiac FirebirdJohnny LightningPassenger
1987 Buick Grand NationalRacing Champions RC004Passenger
1987 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 IROC-ZAuto World 64021Passenger
1987 Ford Mustang SVO PoliceGreenlight 27760Emergency
1987 GMC VanduraGreenlight 42850-CEmergency
1987 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 97020-CSUV
1987 Jeep Wrangler YJGreenlight 44760-CSUV
1987 Pontiac FirebirdGreenlight 44770-DPassenger
1987 Pontiac Firebird FormulaGreenlightPassenger
1987 Pontiac Firebird GTAGreenlight 27760Passenger
1988 Chevrolet CorvetteJohnny Lightning JLMC014Passenger
1988 Pontiac Firebird FormulaGreenlightPassenger
1988 Volkswagen BeetleMattel Hot WheelsPassenger
1989 Ford Mustang GTGreenlight 27670Passenger
1989 Jeep Wrangler Soft TopGreenlight 27910-DSUV
1989 Oshkosh CrashAmercom Hobby GB-3Emergency
1989 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350Greenlight 27610Passenger
1990 E-One Rear Mount LadderAmercom Hobby GB-15Emergency
1990 Ford MustangGreenlight 42780-BEmergency
1990 Ford Mustang GTJohnny LightningPassenger
1990 Ford P-seriesMiniature Vehicle Mfg.Step Van
1990 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 35090-DSUV
1990 Jeep Wrangler IslanderGreenlight 35050-CSUV
1990 Volvo 960 Estate WagonCatzPaw Innovations VEH64PM0004Passenger
1991 Ford Mustang 5.0GreenlightPassenger
1991 Ford Mustang GTGreenlightPassenger
1991 Ford Mustang SSPGreenlight 42800-CEmergency
1991 GMC CycloneJohnny Lightning JLMC014Pickup
1991 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 97010-DSUV
1991 Jeep Wrangler YJGreenlight 96170-DSUV
1991 Winnebago Racing ChampionsRV
1992 GMC TyphoonJohnny LightningSUV
1992 Mazda Miata MX5Racing ChampionsPassenger
1993 Camion-citerne IVECO 380EAmercom Hobby SF-10Emergency
1993 Ford F-150Johnny LightningPickup
1993 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 29856SUV
1994 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 27840-DSUV
1994 Jeep Wrangler SaharaGreenlight 35070-DSUV
1995 FPTGP G 230Amercom Hobby SF-4Emergency
1996 Astra HD7Amercom Hobby SF-8Emergency
1996 Chevrolet ImpalaJohnny LightningPassenger
1996 Chevrolet Impala SSRevell 3069Passenger
1996 Chevrolet Impala SSRevellPassenger
1996 Chevrolet Impala SSRevell 3063Passenger
1996 Dodge RamJohnny Lightning JLBT006Pickup
1996 Dodge RamJohnny Lightning JLTH001Pickup
1996 Pontiac FirebirdAuto World 64021Passenger
1997 Dodge PickupErtlPickup
1997 Pierce Quantum PumperAmercom Hobby GB-8Emergency
1998 Luverne PumperAmercom Hobby GB-17Emergency
1998 Vpca 75e14Amercom Hobby GB-9Emergency
1999 Chevrolet Silverado DooleyJada Toys 14020-W13-CPickup
1999 E-One Cyclone II PumperAmercom Hobby GB-14Emergency
1999 E-One Heavy RescueAmercom Hobby GB-4Emergency
1999 Firetech 4000Amercom Hobby GB-10Emergency
1999 Ford Mustang GTJohnny Lightning JLMC014Passenger
1999 Pontiac Firebird T/A WS6Johnny Lightning JLMC014Passenger
2000 Chevrolet CorvetteJohnny LightningPassenger
2000 Major Rescue FL 614Amercom Hobby SF-24Emergency
2000 Nissan Skyline GT-RGreenlight 27930-DPassenger
2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34Greenlight 47010-FPassenger
2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police InterceptorGreenlight 37120-FEmergency
2001 Janus 4000 BI-fronte BAIAmercom Hobby SF-15Emergency
2001 Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34)Greenlight 29900-EPassenger
2001 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 M-specGreenlight 29880-DPassenger
2001 Pontiac Firebird T/AJohnny Lightning JLMC004-CPassenger
2001 SIDES PSE 1000Amercom Hobby SF-43Emergency
2002 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1Johnny Lightning JLPK001-BPassenger
2002 Chevrolet SilveradoJohnny Lightning JLBT001-CPickup
2002 Chevrolet SilveradoJohnny Lightning JLBT006Pickup
2002 Chevrolet SilveradoJohnny Lightning JLTH001Pickup
2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34Greenlight 29880-EPassenger
2003 Hummer H2Jada Toys 14020-W15-FTruck
2003 Mercury MarauderGreenlight 27650Passenger
2003 Seagrave Fire Apparatus PumperAmercom Hobby GB-6Emergency
2004 Ford F-250Johnny Lightning JLBT006Pickup
2004 Ford F-250Johnny Lightning JLTH001Pickup
2004 Nissan 350ZJohnny Lightning JLSF004-DPassenger
2004 Ural 43206-1551-41Amercom Hobby SF-46Emergency
2005 Ford GTJohnny LightningPassenger
2005 GMC HummerMalibu InternationalSUV
2005 LDV Command TruckAmercom Hobby GB-13Emergency
2006 American LaFrance PumperAmercom Hobby GB-7Emergency
2006 Chevrolet Camaro ConceptGreenlight 27630Passenger
2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06Greenlight 27610Passenger
2006 Ford Crown VictoriaGreenlightPassenger
2006 Ford Mustang GT ConvertibleGreenlightPassenger
2006 Hummer H1Jada Toys 14020-W15-ATruck
2006 Nissan TitanJada Toys 14020-W14-DPickup
2006 Pierce Dash Top Mount PumperAmercom Hobby GB-16Emergency
2006 Toyota TundraJada Toys 14020-W12-EPickup
2007 Cadillac Escalade EXTMaisto 15055-AAPickup
2007 Ford Mustang GTJohnny LightningPassenger
2007 Shelby GT500Greenlight 27620Passenger
2008 Champ Car World Series DP01Greenlight 27710Racing
2008 Chevrolet Corvette C6RGreenlight 27640Passenger
2008 Dodge ChargerGreenlight 27630Passenger
2008 Dodge ChargerGreenlight 42850-DEmergency
2008 Dodge Charger SRT8Greenlight 29961Passenger
2008 Ford Crown VictoriaGreenlightEmergency
2008 Ford F-350 Super DutyJada Toys 14020-W14-EPickup
2008 Ford MustangGreenlight 29919Racing
2008 Porsche 911 GT2Maisto v2_15494-SET-19Passenger
2009 Chevrolet Corvette C6.RGreenlight 29907Racing
2009 Dodge ChallengerGreenlight 27640Passenger
2009 Dodge Challenger MoparGreenlight 29962Passenger
2009 Dodge Challenger PoliceGreenlight 27655Emergency
2009 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 42800-DEmergency
2010 Chevrolet CamaroGreenlight 44770-FPassenger
2010 Dodge Challenger R/TJohnny LightningPassenger
2010 Dodge ChargerGreenlightEmergency
2010 Ford Crown VictoriaGreenlight 29810-FPassenger
2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police InterceptorGreenlight 29891Emergency
2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police InterceptorGreenlight 42850-EEmergency
2010 Ford Taurus PoliceGreenlight 27670Emergency
2010 Ford Taurus SHOGreenlightPassenger
2010 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 29886SUV
2011 Chevrolet CamaroAuto World 64152Passenger
2011 Dodge Charger SXTGreenlight 44790-EPassenger
2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police InterceptorGreenlight 42771Emergency
2011 Ford ExplorerGreenlightSUV
2011 Ford F150 SVT RaptorJada Toys 14020-W12-FPickup
2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 GTGreenlightPassenger
2011 Ford Shelby GT500Greenlight 13180-DPassenger
2011 Honda Civic SiGreenlight 27750-CPassenger
2012 Chevrolet Camaro SSGreenlight 27870-DPassenger
2012 Chevrolet Corvette 100th AnniversaryGreenlight 27890-DPassenger
2012 Chevrolet Corvette C6Greenlight 27870-BPassenger
2012 Chevrolet Corvette ConvertibleGreenlight 27870-CPassenger
2012 Chevrolet Corvette Z06Greenlight 27870-APassenger
2012 Dodge ChargerGreenlightEmergency
2012 Dodge Charger R/TGreenlight 27690Passenger
2012 Ford Explorer PoliceGreenlight 27690Emergency
2012 Ford Focus SHOGreenlight 27690Passenger
2012 Ford Mustang GTGreenlight 27690Passenger
2012 Ford Shelby GT500Greenlight 27710Passenger
2012 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 35020-DSUV
2012 Jeep Wrangler MojaveGreenlight 35050-DSUV
2012 Shelby GT500Greenlight 41020-FPassenger
2013 Chevrolet COPO Camaro CustomGreenlight 27710Passenger
2013 Chevrolet Corvette ConvertibleGreenlightPassenger
2013 Chevrolet Corvette Z06Greenlight 27920-CPassenger
2013 Chevrolet CruzeGreenlight 27730-FPassenger
2013 Chrysler 300 SRTGreenlight 27730-DPassenger
2013 Dodge DartGreenlight 27730-EPassenger
2013 Ford ExplorerGreenlightSUV
2013 International DurastarGreenlight 33110-BTruck Flatbed
2013 International DurastarGreenlight 33090-CEmergency
2013 International DurastarGreenlight 33090-BTruck Box Van
2013 Jeep Wrangler RubiconGreenlight 27890-ESUV
2014 Chevrolet Corvette StingrayMaisto 15494Passenger
2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray CoupeMaisto v3_15494-SET-19Passenger
2014 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 44760-EPickup
2014 Chevrolet SilveradoJada Toys 14020-W14-FPickup
2014 Dodge Challenger R/TGreenlight 13180-DPassenger
2014 Ford ExplorerGreenlight 35060-DEmergency
2014 Ford Police InterceptorGreenlight 42780-DEmergency
2014 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 27750-DSUV
2014 Jeep WranglerJada Toys 14020-W15-BSUV
2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon XGreenlightSUV
2014 Nissan GT-RGreenlight 13170-FPassenger
2014 Nissan GT-R (R35)Greenlight 29880-FPassenger
2014 Ram 1500GreenlightPickup
2014 Ram 1500Greenlight 27750-EEmergency
2014 Ram 1500 SportGreenlight 27760Pickup
2015 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 29874Pickup
2015 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 29906Pickup
2015 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 29903Racing
2015 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 31020-CPickup
2015 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 31020-APickup
2015 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 31060-BPickup
2015 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 32140-BPickup
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500Greenlight 27790-FPickup
2015 Chrysler 200SGreenlight 27750-FPassenger
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 27880-DPickup
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 29850-DPickup
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 32080-DPickup
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 31040-BPickup
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 31030-CPickup
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 32100-CEmergency
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 32091Pickup
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 35080-EPickup
2015 Ford F-150Greenlight 31050-CPickup
2015 Ford F-150 LTGreenlight 27840-EPickup
2015 Ford Mustang GTMaisto v2_15494-SET-18Passenger
2015 Ford Police InterceptorGreenlight 42780-FEmergency
2015 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 27920-DSUV
2015 Jeep Wrangler Willys WheelerGreenlight 35070-FSUV
2015 Nissan GT-RGreenlight 97010-ERacing
2015 Nissan GT-R (R35)Greenlight 27790-EPassenger
2015 Ram 1500 SportGreenlight 35020-FPickup
2016 Chevrolet Camaro ConvertibleGreenlight 27870-FPassenger
2016 Chevrolet Camaro SSGreenlight 27860-CPassenger
2016 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 27930-EPickup
2016 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 32120-BPickup
2016 Chevrolet VoltGreenlight 27780-FPassenger
2016 Dodge Charger HellcatGreenlight 27910-EPassenger
2016 Dodge Charger PursuitGreenlight 42800-EEmergency
2016 Dodge Charger Pursuit PoliceGreenlight 27860-DEmergency
2016 Fleetwood BounderGreenlight 29846RV
2016 Fleetwood BounderGreenlight 33040-CRV
2016 Ford ExplorerGreenlight 32100-DEmergency
2016 Ford Explorer PoliceGreenlight 42772Emergency
2016 Ford F-150Greenlight 27920-EPickup
2016 Ford F-150Greenlight 29899Pickup
2016 Ford F-150Greenlight 32120-CPickup
2016 Ford F-150Greenlight 41030-EPickup
2016 Ford F-150Greenlight 44760-FEmergency
2016 Ford F-150Greenlight 32140-CPickup
2016 Ford Interceptor Utility PoliceGreenlight 29850-ESUV
2016 Ford Mustang GTAuto World 64062Passenger
2016 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 29850-FSUV
2016 Jeep WranglerGreenlight 97020-EEmergency
2016 Ram 2500Greenlight 32080-APickup
2016 Ram 2500Greenlight 31040-CPickup
2016 Ram 2500Greenlight 31020-BPickup
2016 Ram 2500Greenlight 35060-EEmergency
2016 Ram 2500Greenlight 32130-DPickup
2016 Winnebago Winnie DropGreenlight 34010-DRV
2017 Chevrolet BoltGreenlight 27875-DPassenger
2017 Chevrolet CamaroGreenlight 29908Passenger
2017 Chevrolet Camaro ConvertibleGreenlight 27890-FPassenger
2017 Chevrolet Camaro SSGreenlight 27875-EPassenger
2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS ConvertibleGreenlight 13180-FPassenger
2017 Dodge ChargerGreenlight 42830-FEmergency
2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit PoliceGreenlight 42821Emergency
2017 Dodge Charger R/TGreenlight 13210-FPassenger
2017 Dodge Charger SRT 392Greenlight 13190-FPassenger
2017 Dodge Charger SRT HellcatGreenlight 27920-FPassenger
2017 Ford F-150 RaptorJada Toys 14020-W15-CPickup
2017 Ford GTGreenlight 13200Passenger
2017 Ford Mustang GTAuto World 64112Passenger
2017 International DurastarGreenlight 29905Truck Flatbed
2017 International WorkStarGreenlight 45020-CTruck Tanker
2017 International WorkStarGreenlight 45020-BTruck Stake Body
2017 International WorkStarGreenlight 45020-ADump Truck
2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon ReconGreenlight 35090-ESUV
2017 Ram 1500Greenlight 29887Pickup
2017 Ram 2500Greenlight 27910-FPickup
2017 Ram 2500Greenlight 32120-DPickup
2017 Ram 2500Greenlight 31050-BPickup
2017 Ram 2500Greenlight 32140-DPickup
2017 Ram 2500 MoparGreenlight 35050-FPickup
2017 Ram 2500 Power WagonGreenlight 27880-EPickup
2017 Winnebago Winnie DropGreenlight 34020-ERV
2018 Chevrolet SilveradoGreenlight 27940-FPickup
2018 Datsun 240ZGreenlight 41040-EPassenger
2018 International Durastar 4400Greenlight 29952Tow Truck
2018 International WorkStarGreenlight 45050-BTruck Stake Body
2018 Kenworth T2000Greenlight 29882Truck w/ Dry Goods Trailer
2018 Ram 2500Greenlight 29953Pickup

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