Product Gallery: Mack Truck Models by Yat Ming

Sorted by prototype year and then by prototype model name/number, where available.

Prototype:1937 Mack Truck Mack Jr (prototype info site)
Model Manufacturer:Yat Ming
Model Manufacturer ID:64012
Model Introduced:2007
Product Type:Die-cast
Length:model: 15'6"
Width:model: 6'
Height:model: 6'1"
Wheelbase:model: 9'6"; prototype: 10'
The Mack Truck company, based In Allentown, Pennsylvania, made a total of a little over 2,200 of these pickups. It had a 6-cylinder engine. The model has free-rolling wheels, and the tires are out of a rubber-like material. Only the doors of this model open up.
Photo #2
photo © Peter Vanvliet

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