One-of-a-Kind: New York New Haven & Hartford

Road Name:New York New Haven & Hartford
Road Number:24131
Year Introduced:2016
The #24131 Gondola is a custom painted gondola that features dry-transfer graphics, done on a private commission for Ted. It is a one-of-a-kind gondola, and is an exact representation of the 1963 #33121 A.C. Gilbert HO-scale gondola that sold for $2.50 (shown in the foreground). The HO-scale car is hard to find in good condition because the die-cast sub-frame used in the car tended to expand. That caused the plastic body to crack, warp or even break in two. Because of the breakage issue, very few were sold and even fewer exist today making it a very rare car. The number on the S-scale Trap Rock gondola (#24131) is an unused number from the 5-digit numbering series by Gilbert. The "241" series number in the Gilbert 5-digit system was reserved for gondolas. The last number Gilbert used was 24130 which was for a PRR Gondola, leaving 24131 available. In the HO-scale line, the "331" series number was reserved gondolas, so the person who did the work on the S-scale car not only did a great job matching the details of the HO-scale car but also he stayed true to the Gilbert 5-digit numbering system. For the last few years the Southern California S Gaugers Club have produced S-scale versions of very rare Gilbert HO-scale cars such as the Karo and Sohio Tank Cars as well as the Green Bay & Western Reefer that were produced by Lionel (which are posted on this web site as well).
Photo #2
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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