New York New Haven & Hartford PA-1

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:4945
Road Name:New York New Haven & Hartford
Road Number:495
Year Introduced:1956
The 495 came as the 4945, a set of two A-units with numbers 494 and 495. 494 has dual motors. 495 has diesel roar and horn sound in it. In 1957 a single PA with a single motor was cataloged as 497 and as 21561 (uncataloged). Late in production it also came with the molded on steps. The model shown in the photo is of a 495 with a single motor, and it was likely made up from left-over shells at the factory, or had a replacement shell put on it by a repair station.
model owned by Ron Kemp
photo © Ron Kemp

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