A.F. Product Gallery: #21215

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:21215
Road Name:Union Pacific (UP)
Road Number:21215
Year Introduced:1961
#21215 is powered, while #21215-1 is non-powered. These were produced in 1961 and have three variations. The first has an unpainted yellow-orange plastic body. The second variation has a yellow unpainted plastic body. The third variation is painted yellow-orange over a gray shell and is dated JUN 1961. The #21215/21215-1 in the photo is like the third variation, however, it does not have the JUN 1961 date stamp. Although cataloged in 1961 the illustration in the catalog was of the 21215/21216, which was never produced.

The second photo shows the 21215 and 21216 pre-production models. Only 4 or 5 of these are known to exist. They were used in all of the advertisements and in the 1961 catalogs but were never made. What was made and sold was the 21215/21215-1 (as shown in the main photo). The pre-production models have the squared-off steps. All production models have streamlined steps as a result to a design change after the pre-production or sample run of 4-10. During the inspection process it was discovered that the square step would break off very easily and in many cases would also break out the plastic on the side in the area where the motor mount protruded through the body. To add strength to the body of the locomotive and prevent the breakage of the steps, the design was changed to create the streamline steps for all production models. Note that the "21216" number was changed to "21215-1" in the actual production run.
Photo #2
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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