A.F. Product Gallery: 1961 Cabooses

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:24636
Road Name:American Flyer Lines
Road Number:24636
Year Introduced:1961
The #24636 was produced from 1961 through 1966 in 14 variations. The 14 variations all exist within six major groupings, four of which the caboose is unpainted red plastic while the two remaining groups have painted cabooses. The first grouping has lettering on the cabooses that is 1/8" high. The group has four variations, the main differences with the cabooses in this group have to do with the steps being filled in or not. In Photo #3, the caboose in the front row is an example of one of the four variations. The second major grouping has one variation with lettering that is 5/32" high. The third grouping, which has two variations, has lettering that is 3/16" high. The difference in the two variations within this group is that one is marked "RADIO EQUIPPED" while the second is not so marked. Both of the variations are shown in the back row of Photo #3. The fourth major grouping has three variations. All of the cabooses in this group have lettering that is 7/32" high. The first variation in this group the caboose is marked "RADIO EQUIPPED", while the second and third variation within this group are not so marked. The differences in these two is that the "M" in the word "AMERICAN" on one of the variations is pointed on top while the "M" on the other variation is flat-topped. See the two cabooses in the back row of Photo #3 as an example of the two different styles of the letter "M". The two remaining grouping are #24636 AFL cabooses which are painted. The source of red painted caboose is uncertain (see the main photo); some experts believe they came from the 20811 set. In the declining years, which started as early as 1961, Gilbert would paint cars to cover up defects in the cars, as the molds grew older. Photo #2 is of the yellow caboose, which was uncataloged. Its exact source is also unknown. It has been reported as being part of some of the 1966 20811 "The Pioneer" 600 sets. The first grouping is of the red painted #24636 that has one variation. The second grouping, which consisted on yellow painted #24636, has three variations. The three variations are a result of the number of steps that are filled in.
Photo #2
Photo #3
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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