A.F. Product Gallery: #934

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:934
Road Name:American Flyer Lines
Road Number:934
Year Introduced:1954
This was an uncataloged item. Since the 934 was assigned to a floodlight series of cars in 1953, Ted believes a mistake was made when assigning a number to the caboose as two different items were not to carry the same catalog number. The 934 caboose is identical to the 938 caboose that was also introduced in 1954, however the 938 was a bobtail style caboose whereas the 934 has a coupler on both ends.
Photo #2 is of a #934 that Holt repainted based on the 1960s paint scheme for the Lehigh Valley, which includes the yellow handrails and ladders, yellow rectangular safety slogans, the peaked narrow rain gutters above the paired side windows, and the narrow rectangular windows on the right side of both ends of the main cabin. HO-scale Microscale decals provided the numbers and lettering. Flexible acrylic sheet was used for the glazing, and a section of brass tube was used for the stack-top cross-piece. Flat clear lacquer sealed the decals, car sides, and the thinned brown enamel roof weathering. The LV's railroad shops built 140 Northeastern type cabeese from Bethlehem Steel kits based on the original USRA design (~1928); phase I production was from 1937 through 1944 at the Sayre shops. This model represents a late Phase-I built in 1944.
Photo #3: Holt extensively reworked another #934 caboose into a New Haven NE6 in McGinnis 1955-58 colors. He cut the end windows, sealed the outer side windows, and re-cut the inner side windows upward and filled the originals. He used decals by Accu-cals and Microscale. He hand-brushed Testors Model Master flat enamel pained, and sealed the model with flat clear lacquer. He then applied the side windows' glazing, and cut a brass tube for smokestack crosspiece. This models an ICC NE6 caboose (#C635-C709) built in 1947-48; McGinnis scheme applied in 1955-58 interval by the Readville Shop of the NH RR.
Photo #2
Photo #3
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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