A.F. Product Gallery: #921

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:921
Road Name:Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Road Number:921
Year Introduced:1953
#921 was produced from 1953 through 1956, with two variations. The first is painted tuscan over either a black or a white body. The second, as shown in the main photo and Photo #2, is painted tuscan over an "801" hopper and the "B&O" lettering appears on one side only (see close-up in Photo #2). Photo #3 is a C&S Burlington Route car commissioned by Ted Hamler in 2014 produced by LBR Enterprises, LLC. A #921 was repainted, given the graphics, and the trucks and couplers were replaced with Ficus trucks and couplers.
Photo #2
Photo #3
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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