A.F. Product Gallery: #24420

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:24420
Category:Refrigerator Cars
Road Name:Simmons
Year Introduced:1958
This reefer was not sold separately, but was part of the 20161 Simmons Display Set that contained two of these cars. It was offered as a store premium by a small regional group furniture stores in Michigan only. The Michigan store wanted to further promote the national "Simmons Carload Bargains Sale" that was featured in Life on June 9, 1958. When a second furniture store saw what was happening they wanted to get in on the action. They went to Gilbert to have them make a few sets for them but the contract between the Michigan store and Gilbert would not allow it. Gilbert offered the second store the uncataloged 20151 Simmons Special Set that contained two 24403 painted Illinois Central reefers with a sticker like the logo on the side of the 24420 that could be placed on the side allowing them to use the 20151 set to promote the sale. To date none of the stickers have been found and the painted 24403 IC reefers are as rare as the 24420 Simmons reefers. Some say that there was less than 500 of each set ever made but the exact number is unknown.
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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