A.F. Product Gallery: #24316

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:24316
Category:Tank Cars
Road Name:Mobilgas
Road Number:24316
Year Introduced:1958
The Mobilgas tank car was offered twice by Gilbert; the first time was 1958-61, and the second time was 1965-66. The #24316 has eight variations. Four of the variations were produced in 1958-61 and all have Type II plastic frames. Two are painted red over black shells, one of which has a date that reads "NEW 4-51" as shown in the photo. The second has a date that reads "NEW 4-57". The third 1958-61 model variation is painted red over a blue plastic shell while the fourth is painted red over a white shell. The other four variations have Type III plastic frames where the tank is open at the bottom and part of the frame makes the bottom part of the tank body. The first of these four variations was produced in 1960-61 that has knuckle couplers with sintered-iron trucks. The three remaining tank cars were all produced in 1965-66 and have Pike-Master trucks and couplers. These were packaged in "All Aboard" boxes. Photo #2 is of a mint-condition one. Of special note is the fact that factory printed the box' lettering upside-down. Two of the three variations of this group are painted red over a black plastic shell the date on one is "NEW 4-51" and the date on the other is "NEW 4-57". The last car is painted red over a blue painted white plastic shell with a date of "NEW 4-51".
Photo #2
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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