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This report lists locomotives that are available or in the works. This page may also contain detailing parts and other items applicable to locomotives.

September 29, 2019

Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-2

Southern Pacific F-19

by River Raisin Models
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Slated for late 2019, River Raisin Models is importing Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-2 (Pacific) steam locomotives. These were class "F-17" and "F-19" engines. The models will come DCC-ready. Optional Loksound DCC can be ordered for your model.

Southern Pacific F-17

September 29, 2019

Southern Pacific 4-6-2

Southern Pacific #2487

by River Raisin Models
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Slated for late 2019, River Raisin Models is importing Southern Pacific 4-6-2 (Pacific) steam locomotives. These were class "P-10" engines. The models will come DCC-ready. Optional Loksound DCC can be ordered for your model.

Southern Pacific #2484

Southern Pacific #2482

Southern Pacific #2479

September 12, 2019

37-ton Shays Arrive

37-ton Shay

by P-B-L
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P-B-L announces that they have available the various 37-ton Shays which arrived in mid-August 2019.

September 12, 2019

Possible Uintah 4-6-6-4

Uintah/Sumpter Valley Articulated

by P-B-L
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P-B-L announces a possible Uintah 4-6-6-4. If you are interested in this project, be sure to contact P-B-L to let them know and keep them encouraged.

September 08, 2019

The U36C Are In

U36c Locomotives

by Lionel
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People have been receiving their pre-orders for the Lionel U36C. There are two road numbers each for the following road names:
Milwaukee Road
Seaboard Coast Line
They appear to still be available for order directly from Lionel or from your favorite dealer.

August 30, 2019

Rubber Diesel Locomotive Hoses

Rubber Diesel Locomotive Hoses

by Des Plaines Hobbies
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Des Plaines Hobbies releases a new detailing set that includes rubber air hoses, MU hoses, and signal lines for detailing your S-scale diesel locomotives. Part # SSA126.

August 14, 2019

B.T.S. Details Available

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B.T.S. announces that they have the following detailing parts back in stock:
- #02025: EMD Roof Lift Rings
- #02068: ALCO Truck Sideframe Set, 4-wheel
(sideframes are also available with shortened leaf spring to better fit AM FA units).

March 31, 2019

Lionel's Upcoming GP-7 Project

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Dave Olson, Director of Engineering at Lionel, describes what they are doing different with this version of the engine.

March 03, 2019

Nathan M-series Horns


Bud Rindfleisch has started a project to have M-series horns created. There will be two M3 horns and three M3R1 horns on a sprue. He is hoping to have the first test sprue in hand by the end of March. Expect pricing to be in line with brass prices for horn details. A page dedicated to the prototype horns can be found on this page. If you would like to let Bud know that you are interested in purchasing these when they are done, please contact him via the e-mail link.

February 17, 2019

DL-109 Resin Cast Body

New Haven Prototype

by NE Prototypes


NE Prototypes, owned by Bill Morris, has created a master for the shell (only!) of an Alco DL-109 in S-scale. The idea is that the modeler puts this body on a stretched American Models PA chassis. The shell costs around $100.

Update: Bill reports that the first run was successfully completed and those that ordered them should have received them by now.

Bill is planning on doing another run of these shells, but has had to switch to a new caster. Until everything is worked out and he is happy with the new caster, you can place your order on a waiting list, but there is currently no known due date. Remember, this is just for the body only, so no railroad-specific detailing. The modeler will need to provide everything else to complete the model. These locomotives were bought by the ATSF, CNW, GMO, Milwaukee, NH, RI, and Southern.

February 16, 2019

Loco Roller Stand

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Mark Rosche is building a locomotive test stand from a design he has made and is having custom fabricated. He is still in the testing phase, but he shared a YouTube video of testing an Sn3 P-B-L K-27 on the stand. Yes, there used to be a company that made a similar stand, but they closed up shop a couple of years ago. Mark believes that there may still be a demand for this. When the stand is complete, he will make an announcement.

January 23, 2019

Scenery Unlimited Reveals 2019 Lionel AF Items


by Lionel

Scenery Unlimited sent out a notice that items from Lionel's 2019 catalog can be ordered.


by Lionel
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January 17, 2019

AM 4-6-2 Pacifics Are Coming Soon

by Scenery Unlimited
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Scenery Unlimited announced that they are able to take your orders for the upcoming American Models USRA Pacific 4-6-2 with Vanderbilt tender.

In the East, the Baltimore & Ohio, Chesapeake & Ohio, New Haven, and Erie railroads used Vanderbilt tenders; other railroads that used these tenders included Canadian National, Grand Trunk Western, Great Northern, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific.

With a Scenery Unlimited pre-order, any roadname will be printed on the tender and cab. Standard, non-Vanderbilt tender can also be ordered.

Models are:
- $499.95 DC hi-rail and scale models (with smoke and choo choo sound).
- $544.95 AC hi-rail (with smoke and choo choo sound)
- $599.95 AC hi-rail (with whistle, bell, smoke and choo choo sound).

January 03, 2019

Blomberg-B Sideframes

Sideframes with Details

by Smoky Mountain Model Works
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Smoky Mountain Model Works announces that the Blomberg-B sideframes that they have designed are now available. The kit (yes, it is a kit) consists of four sideframes and parts, enough for two trucks. The sideframes are designed to fit a NWSL Stanton drive (shown in the diagram as an example), which is not included (order separately from NWSL or their dealers). Blomberg-B sideframes, with their 9-foot wheelbase, were used on FT, F7, GP7, GP9, GP30, and GP35 locomotives.

November 05, 2018

American Models Announces 4-6-2 with Vanderbilt Tenders

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At the Fall S Fest, American Models had a pre-production sample available of their re-issued 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive, but this time with a Vanderbilt tender. The engine is expected to be available in Spring 2019. Prices are set at $500 for DC (scale or hi-rail), and $550 or $600 for AC hi-rail (all with sound and smoke). Click the photo to read Rich's report on the show, and see more photos. Photo courtesy of Rich Gajnak.

March 23, 2018

PRR 2-8-0 Project

by B.T.S.
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Bill Wade, of B.T.S., announced that the PRR 2-8-0 project, which was started in 2005, is still very much an active one. However, the project has had a number of serious setbacks which are delaying its completion. One such setback was an earthquake in New Zealand that destroyed most of the research data and some of the production items. So far the master for the tender is complete (including the Lines West coal bunker version), and several of the engine's smaller parts are finished. Update: A new designer/builder in New Zealand has been found, and the person is working with B.T.S. to attempt to recreate this locomotive. Bill is asking for your patience, and your continued purchases of B.T.S. products, so that funds are available to bring this locomotive into reality.

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