Former Layout by Fred Schlegel

Layout Name:

"Milford Valley RR #1"

Layout Status:


Track Type:


Layout Space:

20' x 30'

Track Manufacturer:

Bob Peare

Rail Size:

code 172, 100

Featured In:

S Gaugian ????


After a move, Fred built his second layout, which was the first version of the "Milford Valley RR".

The A-B-A set of Northern Pacific F-units are by Dayton. They are cast-brass shells on a frame that includes a Hobby Town O-scale drive, shortened to accommodate the S-scale dimensions. They have a heavy Pitman motor in them. The engines weigh two pounds each. Two units are so powered, while the third one is non-powered. Fred reports that this lash-up can easily pull 70 to 80 cars!

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)

The caboose on the right-hand side is an American Models one. The one on the left is an original American Flyer model on which Fred moved the cupola back, laminated the siding with Evergreen wood-siding styrene to the AF exterior, added super-detailing parts, installed AF spring-leaf caboose trucks, installed Kadee S-scale couplers, HO-scale marker lamps, and S-scale steps.

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)

Up on the second level, an Overland Models 4-8-4 locomotives in the Union Pacific passenger scheme pulls a train, while an A-B-B-A set of FA units, made by American Models, pulls a long freight train on the lower level.

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)

Below, a Rex Engineering 0-6-0 switches the Red Wing Mine. This mine structure was made out of plexiglass with wooden coffee stirrer sticks and Grandt Line windows glued to the plexiglass.

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)

A Sunset Models UP Challenger and a Big Boy double-head a train coming out of Omaha.

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)

A pair of American Models CB&Q Pacific locomotives are pulling a passenger train out of Omaha.

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)

A string of 28 American Models Pacific Fruit Express reefers.

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)

From left to right in the photo below are: a kitbash of an International cab (a New Zealand company) with a Hartoy box, the Old Motor Trucks "Demma Fruit" Mack using a Hartoy box, the blue truck is a Hartoy Ford chassis with an Ertl dump/gondola body, and the tanker is a Hartoy Peterbuilt body with a Mack chassis.

(copyright © Fred Schlegel; used by permission)
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