Current Layout by Dick Karnes

Layout Name:

"New York, Westchester & Boston"

Official Web Site:

Layout Status:


Track Type:


Layout Space:

12' x 39'

Layout Style:

Rectangular, with point-to-point or continuous-running option

Track Manufacturer:


Rail Size:

code 100, 83, 70

Min. Turnout Frog:

#7 (main), #6 (yard)

Min. Radius:

42" visible (32" staging)

Ruling Grade:

2.5% (4% one downhill track)

Track Height(s):

58" to 64"

Mainline Track Length:

135' (double-track); 95' (single-track)


100% completed




eastern New York, western Connecticut

Railroad(s) Modeled:

NYC, NYNH&H, CNR, NYW&B (freelance)

Control System:

DCC (North Coast Engineering)

Featured In:

Great Model Railroads 2016

Railroad Model Craftsman, Jul 2012, pg 42


Dick has played many roles in the NASG, including executive vice-president, and Dispatch editor. Dick successfully completed the NMRA's MMR program.

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A southbound freight waits for a Boston-bound passenger train to clear the diamond at the Troy terminal throat. The scratchbuilt 2-C-2 freight electric is pulling an S-Helper Service NYC MDT reefer. The combine behind the scratchbuilt C-C passenger electric is spliced from two American Flyer heavyweights. The signal bridge is two Plasticville kits somewhat re-arranged. The water tank in the left distance is a Lehigh Valley Models kit. Trackwork and catenary are scratchbuilt.

(copyright © Dick Karnes; used by permission)

(copyright © Bill Winans; used by permission)

(copyright © Bill Winans; used by permission)

The southbound Grand Isle Limited at Troy Union Station, down from Montreal, waits to depart for Cornwall Bridge, CT, where its CNR diesels will be replaced by an NYW&B electric motor to continue its trip to New Haven. The F3 A-B set was imported by Overland Models, and painted and lettered by Dan Kirlin. The Westchester heater car was cobbled from an American Flyer Alco PA. Behind it is an American Models baggage car followed by a Models by Miller NYC dining car. To the right are a scratchbuilt 2-C-2 electric and a River Raisin FT diesel.

(copyright © Dick Karnes; used by permission)

The Grand Isle Limited passes the Burnham, NY Texaco refinery. This scene consists of a host of components: a Clever Models S-scale quonset hut, Racing Champions 1:64 Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Ford automobiles, a guard shack scratchbuilt by Kent Singer, a homemade cyclone fence, a visitor's center cobbled from leftovers of an AHM HO-scale engine house kit, factory buildings from an HO-scale Kibri Factory Building, Walthers HO-scale refinery components, and a scratchbuilt pipe bridge. The observation car is an American Models (AM) kit with AM Budd car trucks. The house in the upper-left background is a paper cut-out kit. Catenary in this view is scratchbuilt.

(copyright © Dick Karnes; used by permission)

B+B-B+B freight motor #4301 poses for our photographer at the South Cornwall motor shop. #4301 is a "scratch-bashed" job built from two American Flyer (AF) Alco A-unit shells, one AF Alco B-unit shell, two cylindrical pill bottles for the noses, two scratchbuilt chassis, two Cascade Hobby Products drives, Loco Workshop truck sideframes, and American Models GG1 pantographs. To the left is a pair of New Haven FL-9s built by Vic Roseman. On the right, inside the motor shop, is an American Models New Haven Alco PA unit. The motor shop itself is a somewhat re-arranged Lehigh Valley Models kit.

(copyright © Dick Karnes; used by permission)

An NYC light Mikado pushes a Central of Georgia ventilated box car into the Ilzeb Wine & Produce Distributing loading dock spur while a company worker on a break enjoys (what else?) a bottle of milk. In this North Cornwall scene, the locomotive is an Overland Models engine, the box car is by Smoky Mountain Model Works, the produce company building is a kitbash of two Showcase Miniatures citrus sheds butted up against each other, the figure is from Arttista, milk cans are by B.T.S., and the 1951 Studebaker and 1940 Ford coupe are Racing Champions models. The 1955 New York license plates were created electronically.

(copyright © Dick Karnes; used by permission)

The year is 1955. The Gulf gas station fell on hard times after the recent closing of Port Hudson's Railroad Avenue crossing. Through traffic in and out of town now uses the overpass in the upper right. Roger Nulton, always on the lookout for new opportunities, bought the station and converted it to the Port Hudson Auto Rebuild. The auto shop was built from a Des Plaines Hobbies S-scale Gulf gas station kit. The highway bridge is an Atlas HO-scale truss bridge kit; the Masonic Hall in the top background is a modified Con-Cor HO-scale courthouse kit. The fencing, from an HO-scale Mouse Models cemetery kit, screens a barely visible S-scale picnic table and benches by B.T.S. The Kelly Springfield van is an Hartoy (AHL) 1:64 vehicle; the 1946 Studebaker and the 1949 Mercury in the garage are Racing Champions 1:64 models. The 1919 Ford Model T van, also 1:64, is from Efsi. Fencing is Central Valley HO-scale; the ads on the fence were captured from the Internet and printed on typing paper. The SW9, on the Port Hudson float yard switching lead, is an S-Helper Service product. Barrier fencing is scratchbuilt with old-style yellow stop signs from an ancient Model Railroader S-scale cardstock insert. Rocks are real limestone drizzled with a solution of alcohol and India ink. Track is hand-laid.

(copyright © Dick Karnes; used by permission)
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