S-scale Standard-gauge Layouts

These are examples of standard-gauge (a.k.a. 'scale')-based model railroads. Click on the entry to view the layout. Note that by default we assume the layouts are still active, unless we are specifically informed that they are not. There are 194 layouts covered in this section.

Aanerud, Dave
Adams, Herb
"Adams Lines"
Allen, Steven
Bacheler, Christian
Banks, Larry
Bartman, Jack
Beachy, Wayne
Beck, John
"The Kentucky Road"
Beck, John
"Winchester, Lexington & Frankfort"
Bennett, Jesse
"Great Northern Pacific"
Bettinger, Charlie
"Charlestown & Pattiville RR"
Blank, Larry
"Ahnapee & Western Ry"
Bortz, John
"Pennepack Valley & Western Railroad"
Brown, Jim
"Twin Cities & Western Railroad."
Burdzinski, Jan
"Foss Junction"
Burger, Chris
Campbell, Dave
"Fourville Branch Line"
Carmichael, Gary
"Pittsburgh's West End"
Cherven, Vic
"The Sacramento Division"
Chester, Vern
"Cascade Western Railroad"
Children, Gary
"Wisconsin Central Southern & Santa Fe"
Christopherson, Bob
"The Columbia Valley & Western"
Claypoole, Ed
Click, Danny
Coen, Joe
"Texas Southern Switching District"
Collins, Wally
"Midland & Pacific"
Comp, Dale
Coquet, Philippe
"1300 Railroad Drive"
Coquet, Philippe
"Bighorn Sheep Canyon"
Coquet, Philippe
"Drumheller, AB"
Coquet, Philippe
"Gas Food Lodging, NM"
Coquet, Philippe
"Odessa, TX"
Cotter, Herb
Coughlan, Tom
"The Berkshire Central Railroad"
Coulter, John
Criswell, Frank
"Buffalo Creek and Gauley"
Daniels, Jim
Deeley, Nicolas
"Athabasca Northern Railway"
Doyle, Steve
Dvorak, Gawaine
Ehmann, Curtis
Eldridge, Michael
Elliott, Chris
"Flint River Northern"
Fairlane, Ed
"San Jacinto"
Ferguson, Art
Flatt, William
"Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto"
Fortier, Denis
Fox, Michael
"CB&Q LaCrosse"
Fraley, Bill
"Jefferson Central Railroad"
Frascella, Bob
"D&H Railroad"
Froese, Neil
"Napinka Sub"
Fuhrman, Bill
"Berkshire Western RR"
Fyten, Mike
"Kaw Valley Railroad"
Gajnak, Rich
"Kansas Grain Belt"
Garren, John
Gill, Gaylord
"Buffalo & Chautauqua"
Giovannoli, Len
"The Plateau Railway"
Goehring, Arden
"Union Pacific"
Greenwood, John
Greynolds, Joe
"The Coos River Railroad"
Griffin, John
Hadlow, Bob
Hall, John
Hatch, Stephen
"The RGW"
Heine, David
"Lehigh & Western / Moyer Lumber Co."
Held, Dave
"Port Huron & Northern"
Hoffman, Roy
"Penn Western Railroad"
Hogan, Bob
"Sierra Northern"
Holmes, Jerry
"C&O Railroad - Alleghany Subdivision"
Horr, Ernie
"The Tinplate Road"
Jackson, Bob & Brian
"Central California"
Jasper, Dave
"New England Central Railway"
Johnston, John
"Shelter Valley & Trent River Railway"
Jones, Harley
Karnes, Dick
"New York, Westchester & Boston"
Kemp, Ron
"Buffalo New York Central Belt Line"
Kemp, Ron
Kemper, Chuck
Kimber, Joe
"West Jersey Railroad"
Kimber, Joe
"West Jersey Railroad"
Klemens, Mark
Kloes, Dick
"Root River & Southern"
Knowles, Art
Kramer, Dick
Krause, Bill
"Lester Central Railroad"
Kutash, Steve
Lachance, Matthieu
"Temiscouata Railway Connors Branch"
Lambert, Shane
"Columbia Industrial"
Lane, Bill
"Lane's Trains"
lannacone, Dick
Larson, Ted
"Minnesota Heartland Eastern Division"
Loizeaux, Ed
"NYC Valley Division"
Lull, Dave
"Berwyn, in the Late 50s"
Lunde, Steve
Madden, Jeff
"Elk & Gauley"
Mahr, Bert
"Conrail & Eastern"
Malette, Andy
"CNR Branchline Modelling in S Scale"
Malinowski, Charles
Malkiewicz, Dan
Mallone, Jim
Mark, Jr., Bill
"The West Shore Railroad"
Marks, Bill
Marmer, Mike
"D&K Railroad"
Marotta, Al
Marshall, Trevor
"Port Rowan in 1:64"
Martin, Jim
"Port Dover Branch"
Meagher, Joe
"The Springfield Terminal"
Mehew, David
"Ontario Midland Railroad"
Meissner, Roy
"Soo Line & Milwaukee Road"
Mertz, Barry
"Sandy Creek & Pennsylvania RR"
Miller, Gregg
Miller, Jack
"New Haven Railroad"
Ming, Andre
"KC Lines West Bottoms"
Mitter, Michael
Monson, Steve
"Taylor Falls Branch Line"
Morrell, Grant
"New Zealand Railway"
Morton, Larry
Nicholson, Bob
Nicholson, Brian
"Maine Central Mountain Division"
Nulton, Roger
"Monon Railroad Fourth Subdivision"
Nulton, Roger
"The Monon Route"
Nunn, Trevor
"East Lynn & Nunstanton"
O'Connell, Craig
O'Kelly, Terence
Palmiter, Mike
"Hudson & Harlem Division"
Parent, Simon
Paulus, Rusty
"Cheyenne Mountain"
Peter, Clayt
"Plum Creek Railroad"
Plourde, Dave
Porter, Bill
"Royal Palm & Loxahatchee Central"
Porter, Bill
"Zilwaukee, Okeechobee and Tremungus"
Porter, Chuck
"Soo Line Stevens Point Branch"
Pouletsos, John
Powell, Sam
"Penn Creek Valley"
Powell, Sam
"Penn Creek Valley #2"
Price, Rod
"Chicago, Priceless & Denver Railroad"
Raham, Paul
"Moira Valley Railway"
Rainey, Lee
"East Broad Top Railroad & Coal Company"
Reichart, Shawn
Reneris, George
"Snoqualmie, Mohonk & Panguitch RR"
Riley, Larry
Roberts, Bill
"San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway"
Robichaud, Tommy
Robinson, Tom
"Tennessee Central"
Romig, Chip
"Colorado & Silver River RR"
Rooney, Chris
"Chesapeake & Ohio"
Russell, Stephen
S-Helper Service
"SHS Display Layout"
Sauers, Ed
"B&O Mountain Top Railroad"
Scandura, Phil
Schlegel, Fred
"Milford Valley RR #2"
Schlegel, Fred
"Milford Valley RR #1"
Schnur, Jerry
"Cambria & Ohio RR"
Scott, Dave
"Dunsmuir, CA"
Seeburger, Don
"The South Pacific Coast Railroad"
Sharp, Paul
Shughart, Larry
"Northern Florida Railway"
Silcox, Pete
"Georgia RR"
Sinn, Hugh
"Reading Branch Line in Chester County"
Smale, Bruce
"No Name Railroad"
"Chicago to New York"
"Pennsylvania Railroad Horseshoe Curve"
"Western Pennsylvania"
Smith, Dave
Sorensen, George
Spaulding, Bob
"All American Railroad"
Sponholtz, Glen
"Laramie & North Park Railway"
Steinmetz, Nelson
"Santa Fe & Western"
Stelmach, Bob
"Red Pine & Oxville Railroad"
Stokrocki, Stan
"Hudson Central"
Stone, Terry
Stover, Brooks
"Buffalo Creek and Gauley - 1963 & Later"
Stover, Brooks
"Buffalo Creek and Gauley - Early Years"
Swederska, Sr., Mike
"Meramec Valley Lines"
Sweeney, Jim
"Oakland and North Bay"
Tilton, Ron
"Rocky Mountain & Western"
Titman, Frank
"Spiral Hill Railroad"
Vandermause, Dan
"Allegheny Western Subdivision"
Vanvliet, Peter
"Hazel Mine Diorama"
Vanvliet, Peter
"The PRR Chartiers Branch"
Wall, Bob
"Penobscot Central"
Ward, Neil
Washburn, Paul
"Plywood Central Railroad"
Werre, Bob
"Great Plains Northern"
Westermeier, Rusty
Winans, Bill
"Saint Louis Eastern and Pacific"
Wright, Craig
Young, Bill
"Railroad Bridges in Northern California"
Zieska, Ken
"Minnesota Heartland Western Division"

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