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About This Section

The "Layouts" navigation button of this web site lists all the known S layouts. The purpose of this section is to show what kind of modeling is being done in our favorite scale, to offer ideas, to inspire other modelers, and to show that there are indeed many people who model in S-scale.

About This Page

The purpose of this page is to give the layout owner an opportunity to provide information to the NASG webmaster for possible inclusion in this section of the web site.

About the Form

The form below requests all the possible information that we show on the NASG web site. However, you only need to provide information that you are willing to share with the S community. Leave a field blank if you don't know the information. Also, if you wish to provide information about your current layout and your previous layout(s), you will need to fill out the form once for each layout.

If your layout is already listed, the submitted information will be used to supplement or replace the information currently shown. Other than for your name (and possibly your layout's name, if you have more than one listed), you do not need to provide information that is already shown on the web site that is accurate; just the updated/changed information.

If your layout is not yet listed, this information will be used to add a new entry for your layout.

Your e-mail address will only be used by the webmaster to contact you if he has a question for you or to follow-up on your submission; it will NOT be posted in the web site's "Layouts" section.

You do not need to be an NASG member to contribute your information. If your layout has some form of S track on it, it is a candidate, which includes multi-scale layouts.

If you don't want to use the form below, feel free to contact the webmaster via e-mail and provide the information that way.

About Photos

Photos are the best way to show off your layout, so we recommend that you provide at least one photo, if at all possible.

The bottom half of the form shows "Browse..." buttons, which you can click to find and select the photo image file on your computer that you would like to send to the webmaster for possible use in this "Layouts" section. If you took the photo, your name will be listed as the photo's copyright owner.

You may also submit photos of other people's S layouts, unless the layout owner explicitly stated that photos taken of his/her layout are only to be used for personal enjoyment.

Ideas for possible photos or images are: a track plan of the layout, an overall shot of the entire layout (or other overview photos), close-up shots of scenes on your layout that you are particularly excited about sharing, layout construction photos.

The Form

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Miscellaneous Notes/Comments About the Layout

Send to the NASG Webmaster

When you press the "Send" button, its text will change to "Uploading...", at which point the form's data will be e-mailed to the NASG webmaster and if you have selected one or more photo files, those will be uploaded to the NASG's server. Please do NOT press the button more than once, and please be patient, as uploading may take quite some time. When the uploading has completed, you will see a confirmation-of-receipt message. Also, don't close your web browser until at least after you see that confirmation message. Thank you.

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