Modeling Notes: S-Helper Service - F7

Operator's Manual

(photo © Steve Wolcott)

F7 Operator's Manual (PDF)

This external link is to an online copy of SHS' documentation of how to install the special Soundtraxx DCC sound decoder for this locomotive.

Lights Warning!

Don Thompson warns to not plug DCC decoders into this engine without dealing with the headlights first. The headlights are 5-volt bulbs, and they will blow as soon as the decoder receives power (usually around 12 volts). One option is to consider replacing them with LEDs and a matching resistor. The same applies to class lights, numberboards, and Mars lights, as applicable.

MU Cables

If you operate multiple F7 engines together in a consist and each have their own Locomatic board (i.e. they could each be operated on their own), the MU cable between the units is not to be used. If one engine is a slave, then it does need to be connect with an MU cable.


See this web site for information about how to disassemble the engine's trucks. The F7 is done the same way as the NW2, which is shown on the site.

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