Modeling Notes: MTH F3

4-digit Address Calculator

Use this handy calculator to set the long, 4-digit address of the MTH F3 locomotives equipped with DCS ProtoSound 3.0 decoders. Type in a positive number between 0 and 9999 (usually matching your engine's road number), and press the Tab or Enter key to see the results in the two CV fields. Then program your engine's decoder with those two values.


MTH web site Excel spreadsheet.

MTH's F3 Promotional Video

You might enjoy the MTH F3 Promotional Video on YouTube.

Notes on Converting To Scale

(photo © Pieter Roos)

Lee Rainey reports that one must pay close attention to the position of the axle bearings when replacing the wheels after converting them to "scale" wheels, because the "notched" vs. "flat" edges' positioning of the bearing has a noticeable affect on how the engine performs.

If you have a non-powered A- or B-unit that doesn't roll smoothly, it is likely that the bearings weren't installed correctly after the conversion. So, make sure the flat part of the bearing rim is toward the body and the notch in the bearing rim is directly away from the body.

Also, like S-Helper Service engines before it, the MTH F3 engines, when converted from the hi-rail wheels to the scale ones, need to have their wheel contact wipers adjusted. When the scale wheels are installed, the wipers may not make contact, which will lead to the engine not getting enough contact with track power.

Although this is a different model, the concept is shown in a photo on the webmaster's personal web site that conveys this issue (see the 7th photo on this web page).

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