Modeling Notes: American Models Wood-sided Caboose

(photo © American Models)

These caboose models can be a challenge to open up. Phil Copleston asked for help on how to do this, and several modelers replied. Phil provides the following suggestions.

He recommends loosening the roof/glazing molding from the sides by inserting a drift pin into the four corner holes and carefully tapping. It was enough to move the roof just a fraction above the sides. He then carefully inserted a loose Stanley knife blade into the gaps and twisted downwards and it moved a bit further. Gradually he got it to slide out far enough to overcome the friction, which eventually enabled him to just pull the two units apart.

There appears to be no glue or paint gumming up the joint; it is just a very tight joint. The side glazing and the roof are one molded unit (the roof section is painted on both sides).

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