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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. Each weekend a new photo is added to the top of the list, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo!

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Photo #1

A close-up photo of a Lehigh Valley kit of the two-stall engine house. Kits were designed and made by Frank Titman. Terry built one and integrated it into his home layout.

Photographer: Terry O'Kelly; used by permission.

Photo #2

A photo of the Connecticut S Gaugers' club layout as set up at the 2018 NASG Convention hotel. In this scene they manage to get three levels of scenery in the module, jet be able to take it apart quickly at the end of the show.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #3

Mike McKenzie built this Portland Locomotive Works kit of a D&RGW maintenance-of-way kitchen car. It is a 3-foot gauge model. Portland Locomotive Works is known for creating Maine two-foot gauge equipment, but they recently started expanding into Sn3 as well. They also came out with a D&RGW snow plow last year. Mike did a fantastic job building this kit.

Photographer: Mike McKenzie; used by permission.

Photo #4

Bob Frascella's layout is still under construction. It is quite large. It was open as part of the layout tours of the 2018 NASG Convention. This photo is of a section of the layout that is finished. A quiet country road crossing the railroad tracks. Not a train in sight.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #5

These two guys are nearly always there at every NASG Convention. On the left is Doug Peck, owner of the Port Lines Hobby Supplies store in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The company's web site is, and they carry just about everything that you'd need in S-scale.

On the right is Don Heimburger, owner of the Scenery Unlimited store in Forest Park, Illinois. The company's web site is, and they also carry just about everything that you'd need in S-scale. They also publish a catalog of S-scale products. Through Heimburger House, they have been publishing S Gaugian, Sn3 Modeler (ceased publication in 2018), and many other books and magazines.

Photographer: Michael McConnell; used by permission.

Photo #6

Paul said he had to climb a nearby tree to be able to get this shot of the yard. The two Southern Pacific 2-8-0 C-class locomotives are working the small engine facility on the branch line on Paul's layout.

Photographer: Paul Washburn; used by permission.

Photo #7

"Wouldn't you want to live here?" That was the comment that several modelers gave when Roger shared this photo among a number of fellow S-scale modelers. It represents a street in Linden, Indiana on Roger's layout. The two main buildings in the photo are the "Berwyn House" structure kits by DSL Shops. The kit was produced in 1994, and Roger wound up with two of them. He decided to place them right next to each other, and it worked really well.

Photographer: Roger Nulton; used by permission.

Photo #8

Bob Nicholson's layout was open as part of the layout tours during the 2015 NASG Convention. This photo shows a yard on Bob's layout, with passenger tracks on the left and freight on the right. Bob is in the photo on the left. Former NASG president, Sam McCoy, is in the background admiring Bob's work.

Photographer: Jim Kindraka; used by permission.

Photo #9

This is a New York Central System PL&E 2-8-4 Berkshire locomotive, class A-2a. The prototype version was built in 1948. There were 7 locomotives built at the Schenectady facility of Alco. A prototype photo of #9405 can be found on this web site. Dick built his model starting with an Omnicon PRR 2-8-2. He used the chassis components of that model. The boiler was salvaged from a steam locomotive he tried to build in the 1960s. The details are mainly S Scale Locomotive & Supply, River Raisin Models, and Precision Scale parts. Dick scratchbuilt the tender from brass. The tender wrap was made from two S Scale Locomotive & Supply Berkshire tender wrappers, which already had rivets impressed on them. The rivets on the brass firebox sides were made from applying the Archer 3D resin decals.

Photographer: Dick Karnes; used by permission.

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