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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. The oldest photo is replaced each weekend, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo!

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Photo #1

Dan has a very nice 11'x45' home layout based on the Baltimore & Ohio. This view shows an A-B-A set of American Models FA-2 locomotives pulling a B&O unit coal train. The two A-units have been modified with, among other things, the larger fuel and water tanks for the onboard generators used for special passenger trains. Dan is in the process of changing modeling eras and perhaps railroads, so we all look forward to what he is going to create next.

Photographer: Dan Vandermause; used by permission.

Photo #2

MTH displayed their F3 engines at the 2017 NASG Convention. They also had a much larger display showing their collection of freight cars. MTH bought the tooling from S-Helper Service, and these F3 locomotives are made from those moldings. The significant delay was due to the electronics. The boards needed to be made smaller to fit in the S-scale engines, yet be more powerful to handle the larger demand for current. In the end MTH succeeded, and because of that, they are now able to reuse the electronics in their smaller O-scale locomotives as well. The next S-scale catalog from MTH is due later this year.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #3

Roy Hoffman's Penn Western Railroad is a large layout, measuring 29'x45', which features scenes from Pennsylvania, including the narrow-gauge EBT. Roy, a former NASG president, has written several articles about his layout in the NASG's The Dispatch, the S Gaugian, and the Model Railroader magazines.

Photographer: Roy Hoffman; used by permission.

Photo #4

Ed Sauers had an open house for the 2017 NASG Convention attendees, to view his beautiful layout. Ed models the B&O.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #5

Brooks Stover is a well-known author, and known for modeling the Buffalo Creek and Gauley. This photo of the scratchbuilt Whitcomb pulling a coal train was among the last photos he took before taken down this layout. Brooks is in the process of moving, and rebuilding a new, albeit smaller layout. He plans to try out some new construction techniques, so we are all looking forward to more articles about things he has learned.

Photographer: Brooks Stover; used by permission.

Photo #6

The 2017 NASG Convention is now over. This photo typifies the reason for the annual Conventions - the people. Dave Blum shows his Bernie Thomas award; a deserved win for a man who has done so much for the organization and our scale. From left to right are: Lee McCarty (former NASG Executive VP, former Eastern VP, former NASG Contest Chairman), Jim Whipple (former NASG Contest Chairman), Alan Evans (former NASG President, former NASG Special Projects Chairman), Jeff Madden (former Dispatch Editor), Dave Blum (NASG Convention Chairman, NASG Car Project Chairman, NASG Insurance Coordinator, former NASG Executive VP), Michael Ferraro (NASG Treasurer, former NASG President, former NASG Executive VP, former NASG Election Chairman, former NASG Membership Secretary, former NASG Company Store manager, former co-owner of S-Helper Service), Dick Karnes (NASG Contest Chairman, former NASG Executive VP, former Dispatch Editor, former NASG Librarian, prolific author), and Doug Peck (former NASG Eastern VP, former NASG Car Project manager).

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #7

This summer, the members of the Houston S Gaugers were invited to visit Bob Werre and his fantastic Great Plains Northern Terminal Railroad. We held a shake-down operating session to see how the layout responded to 6 operators let loose. To conceptualize Bob' layout, it is basically a giant loop around the perimeter of his layout space, twice around, with a single-turn helix (shown near the center of the photo). Off of the loop on either side is a large yard, visible in the front. The photographer is standing in between the yard and the back section of the outer loop. Immediately in front of the photographer is a backdrop/view-block consisting of a large collection of building flats. Many will recognize this yard and those flats from photographs appearing in advertisements that Bob has done for S-Helper Service, American Models, and Scenery Unlimited (and more).

Photographer: Peter Vanvliet; used by permission.

Photo #8

As part of the 2014 NASG Convention, Larry Blank's layout was open for the local model railroad tours. Seeing local layouts is a big reason for going to the annual NASG Conventions, because that may very well be the only way you will ever see some of these layouts in person.

Photographer: Jeff Madden; used by permission.

Photo #9

Bob Werre shared this photo of his Southern Pacific F-5 passing by a road crossing. It is such a common and simple scene, yet it looks so real. The 2-10-2 was built by Boo-Rim Precision out of Seoul, Korea, and sold by River Raisin Models in 2008.

Photographer: Bob Werre; used by permission.

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