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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. The oldest photo is replaced each weekend, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo!

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Photo #1

Back in the early 1990s there was a relationship between American Models and S-Helper Service. This produced a number of beautiful models for us S-scalers to enjoy. Terry's photo shows the S-Helper Service RS-3, painted and lettered for the Great Northern, that was manufactured by American Models. This particular model is now out of stock at A.M., but other RS-3 models are still available.

Photographer: Terry O'Kelly; used by permission.

Photo #2

A C&O passenger train is arriving at the town's train station on Mike Marmer's hi-rail layout. Nowadays the photographer is likely to be cited for trespassing, but back in the 1950s people didn't worry about that too much.

Photographer: Mike Marmer; used by permission.

Photo #3

This scene on the webmaster's previous layout took a number of years to develop. After the trackwork was tested, the scenery base and structures were added. Both the team track loading dock in the foreground and the factory in the background were scratchbuilt. The figures are by MTH (left) and Artistta. The pallets are scratchbuilt. The stack of barrels and crates are by Model Tech Studios. The single barrel on a pallet is by Tich Train Group, and the wooden barrel on the right is by Clover House. The N&W box car is by MTH. The Railway Express Agency 1950 Chevy Panel Van is by Johnny Lightning. All trees and bushes are scratchbuilt.

Photographer: Peter Vanvliet; used by permission.

Photo #4

Charles Malinowski and several other members of the Hoosier S Gaugers club have been working on actually building some modules that meet the T-TRAK standard. So far they have at least four straight modules and four curved ones. This allows them to set up a small demonstration layout at local shows. Charles wrote an article about that in the May 2017 issue of the NASG's Dispatch. These modules are simple to build, easy to transport, and quick to set up. They are a great way to get into the hobby without spending a lot of time and money.

Photographer: Charles Malinowski; used by permission.

Photo #5

The NASG's annual Convention is right around the corner. In addition to the traditional contests run by the organization, since 2013 there is a special contest held as well, called the "Greeley's Place" contest. For the 2015 NASG Convention, this special contest was about using an A.C. Gilbert American Flyer caboose in an interesting way. Roy Inman took this photo of a model entered into the contest (unfortunately, the owner is unknown). For the 2017 Convention, the "Greeley's Place" contest is for using a Plasticville kit in a creative way.

Photographer: Roy Inman; used by permission.

Photo #6

Modeling movement of cattle is quite easily accomplished in S-scale. In addition to a wide variety of stock cars available (new and on the secondary market), there are also lots of S-scale animals and structures available from various manufacturers. Here's a scene on George Sorensen's layout.

Photographer: George Sorensen; used by permission.

Photo #7

This fantastic model of an ALCO C420 by Bob Frascella is a one-of-a-kind model. It took Bob over a year to build it. The drive system is a Railmaster Exports (North Yard) chassis. The motor is driven by a LokSound Full Throttle DCC sound decoder, with a speaker hidden in the fuel tank. B.T.S. sideframes were used. The interesting part of this model is the fact that almost the entire body was made from 3D-printed parts! The handrails stanchions are HO-scale Athearn "Blue Box" ones. The model in the photo shows how it would have looked when it emerged from Colonie Shops when the D&H re-painted it from Lehigh Valley No. 404 in 1976. Weathering is next. Would you like to build a model like this yourself? Go to the Century Models Shapeway shop and order the parts (and, yes, that is Bob's painting used in the header of that Shapeways page!). Century Models is a collaboration between Bob and Michael Ostertag; Michael measures the prototype, and Bob generates the CAD drawings.

Photographer: Bob Frascella; used by permission.

Photo #8

At the 2014 NASG Convention, Steve Lunde's layout was open during the layout tours. Steve's layout is a combination hi-rail and scale. In this typical small-town main street scene you can see that Steve has done a fantastic job in detailing the setting. One of the things that S-scale is blessed with is an abundance of 1/64th scale automobiles. These are available online, as well as locally at your Walmart, Toys-R-Us, and even some of your groceries stores.

Photographer: Bill Winans; used by permission.

Photo #9

Bill Lane is a very active modeler. Although some of his models may sit in a closet or in the box for while, when the mood strikes, he tends to pull an engine out of the box, and commit the time necessary to super-detail the model. Sometimes this also involves re-working the drive-train, sometimes repainting. His recent project has been the GP9. One is brass and one is an American Models plastic model. Can you guess which one is which? See more of Bill's models on his web site.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

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