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The 2014 NASG Convention will be held in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, from Wednesday July 23rd through Sunday 27th, 2014. This page was last updated on July 15, 2014.

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Olympia Hotel & Convention Center

1350 Royal Mile Road

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

262-369-4999 or 800-558-9573

Ask for NASG Convention Rates: $89 (1- or 2-person rooms), $99 (3-person rooms), $109 (4-person rooms)


Self-guided Layout Tours

The private-home layout tours are self-guided, which means you will need to find your own way to the residences. Please allow for any unexpected, last-minute changes to scheduled open houses.

Tuesday July 22, 2014

These layouts are all located within 15 miles of the Convention hotel:

Roy Meissner (scale): 10am - 4pm (e-mail for directions)

Jeff Madden (scale): 10am - 4pm (e-mail for directions)

Steve Lunde (hi-rail): 10am - 4pm (e-mail for directions) Ron Schlicht (A.F.): (e-mail for directions)

Wednesday July 23, 2014

Jim's layout is in the Rockford, Illinois area, convenient for those traveling from the south:

Jim Larson: 1pm - 5pm (call for directions: 815-623-7940).

Thursday July 24, 2014

These layouts are in the Rockford, Illinois area, convenient for those traveling from the south:

Jim Larson: 1pm - 5pm (call for directions: 815-623-7940).

Terry Dyer: 1pm - 5pm (call for directions: 815-623-6518).

Sunday July 27, 2014

Maps and times will be provided at the Convention.

Details About Layouts

Roy Meissner has a layout in which scale is emphasized. The bench work was completely redone since the 2003 NASG Convention in order to accommodate his new, fabulous, really big, scale engines. His methods are a virtual clinic in how to do your bench work. Roy's rolling stock may be the finest that you will ever observe. Roy takes an extreme amount of pride in the quality and exceptional detail that goes into the rolling stock and structures that grace his layout. But trains are not the only items of interest; if you like die cast vehicles, welcome to his little museum. Hartoy, Ertl, and many other tractors and trucks, from various vintages, are on display. There is a little of everything to see in Roy's domain.

Steve Lunde's "Great Northern and Central" is a multilevel S gauge layout. The layout is over 250 sq. ft. and features a 120 ft. scaled truss bridge. Steve's layout was also featured in the NASG Dispatch and the S Gaugian. This layout has an urban and country mix, which offers a diverse motif. Steve runs American Models and S-Helper Service engines and a mix of rolling stock. He has integrated a few traditional A.C. Gilbert operating accessories into the layout. The track work is American Models and code 125 in the sidings and yard with scratch built turnouts. Steve features DCC operational control. The layout is over 95% complete and gives you hi-rail operation with a scale appearance.

Ron Schlicht (American Flyer); photo by Jeff Madden

Ron Schlicht's layout is your typical A.C. Gilbert, American Flyer, and classic toy train layout. Over 30 A.F. accessories are utilized on the layout. If you like Plasticville U.S.A. structures, nearly every item that was manufactured in O & S scale, is featured on the layout, all of which have been detailed. The newly expanded area now includes an elevated train plus a few more scratch-built structures. Ron's layout has had two articles featuring his layout in Classic Toy Trains. Needless to say there is a more to see than at Fall S Fest 2012. Lionel's TMCC now controls the trains and AF switch tracks.

Brad Nelson (hi-rail); photo by Jeff Madden

Craig Wright (scale/Sn3); photo by Jeff Madden

Larry Blank (scale); photo by Jeff Madden

Larry Blank's modular S scale layout is one of the more unique layouts that you will see. Although the final layout is not complete, he is constructing it in a modular fashion completing each one section at a time. He has produced structure kits for the entire layout plan. The drawings and plan details are extraordinary. His construction and modeling techniques are exceptional. His modules won an award at the NMRA 75th anniversary convention held in Milwaukee and he is a regular participant at TrainFest which is one of the largest model railroad shows in the country. His scratch-built scale structures will rival the finest builders in the land.

Jeff Madden (scale); photo by Jeff Madden

Jeff Madden's 11' x 35' around-the-wall scale layout is based on the B&O railroad and a freelance coal mining branch. The layout is currently under construction with some basic scenery and bridges. Jeff scratch-builds and modifies various kits and structures, not necessarily S gauge, and incorporates them into his S scale layout. Jeff has made a lot of progress and the layout is really starting to take shape.

Layouts/Displays at the Convention

Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers' large (award winning) hi-rail layout (web site); photo by Jeff Madden

The NASG modules are also scheduled to be set up at the Convention site.

Special Contest

In addition to the standard NASG contests, Jamie Bothwell is once again holding the "The Greeley's Place Contest." However, this year the contest revolves around the Des Plaines Hobbies/S Scale America car kit of the PRR X29 box car, which came out at last year's NASG Convention. Each entrant will receive $5.00 (one per person, regardless of the number of cars entered). You can have one prototype photo and a 20-word description of any modifications you made to the car. Popular vote wins prizes.

Other Interests in the Area

East Troy Trolley

Duplainville railfan spot (crossing of CP and CN mainlines)

Little Amerricka (Live steam and amusement park)

Milwaukee Zoo (has train)

Kalmbach Tour

PCC trolley rides in Kenosha

Johnson Creek Outlet Mall (20 minutes away)

Miller Brewery Tour (free)

Harley Davidson Museum

Quaint shopping area in nearby Delafield.


Nearby restaurants that might be interesting: Maxim's Depot Restaurant, which is in the old Milwaukee Road depot. Has an HO-scale layout, lots of memorabilia displayed, good reasonable priced food. The Kiltie Drive-in, which provides a rare chance to go to a real drive-in type restaurant for a burger and shake. Both are in Oconomowoc and are minutes from the Olympia convention site.


The Milwaukee Brewers will have home games the week of the Convention: Wednesday (afternoon), Thursday (evening), Friday (evening), Saturday (evening), and Sunday (afternoon).


If you have some extra time, and you love airplanes, you may want to extend your visit to nearby OshKosh, Wisconsin and see the EAA Airventure 2014. It is a week-long convention that could be visited for a day or so for those extending their stay. Also, many planes, from warbirds to home-builts will stop over at Waukesha's Crites Field which is only 10 miles from the Oconomowoc Convention.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Private Layouts Open:
10am to 4pm (Meissner, Madden, Lunde layouts open; see above)
6pm to 9pm

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7am to 9pm
Circus World Tour:
8am to 4pm; Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
Private Layouts Open:
1pm to 5pm (Larson layout open; see above)
Welcoming Reception:
6pm to ???

Thursday, July 24, 2014

7am to 5pm; 6pm to 9pm
Dealer Set-up:
9am to 10pm
Hospitality Room:
10am to 5pm; 7pm to 10pm
Illinois Railroad Museum:
8:30am to 4pm; Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois.
Private Layouts Open:
1pm to 5pm (Larson, Dyer layouts open; see above)
Clinic #1:
7pm (Don Heimberger)
Convention Car Pick-up:
7pm to 9pm
Clinic #2:
8pm (Andy Malette)
S List Get Together:

Friday, July 25, 2014

7:30am to noon; 1pm to 5pm; 6pm to 9pm
NASG BOT Meeting:
Dealer Hall:
8am to 5pm; 6:30pm to 10pm
Hospitality Room:
9am to noon; 1pm to 5pm; 6pm to 9pm
Clinic #3:
8:30am (Marty Lydecker)
Clinic #4:
9:30am (Jim Larson)
Convention Car Pick-up:
10am to noon; 2pm to 5pm; 7pm to 9pm
Women's Clinic #1:
10am: "Stamping Up" $5 fee
Clinic #5:
10:30am (Chic Hartert)
Model Contest Entry:
10am - noon; 1pm to 5pm; 7pm to 9pm
The Greely's Place Contest Entry:
10am - noon; 1pm to 5pm; 7pm to 9pm
Clinic #6:
1pm (Dave Jasper)
Clinic #7:
2pm (Dick Karnes)
Shopping Shuttle to downtown Oconomowoc:
Clinic #8:
3pm (Ken Zieska)
The Greely's Place Contest Viewing:
3pm to 5pm; 7pm to 10pm
Clinic #9:
4pm (Gil Hulin)
Clinic #10:
7pm (Steve Doyle)
Clinic #11:
8pm (John Mann)
Clinic #12:
9pm (John Heck)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

8am to 1pm
Dealer Hall:
8am to 2pm
Clinic #13:
8am (Jamie Bothwell)
Clinic #14:
9am (Jamie Bothwell)
Convention Car Pick-up:
9am to noon; 1pm to 2pm
Hospitality Room:
9am to 2pm
Model Contest Judging:
9am to 11am
Clinic #15:
Clinic #16:
The Greely's Place Contest Viewing:
11am to 1pm
The Greely's Place Contest Pick-up:
1pm to 2pm
Clinic #17:
NASG General Membership Meeting:
3pm to 5pm
9pm to ???

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Self-guide Home Layout Tours:
9am (maps and times will be provided at the Convention)


Don Heimburger
"Highballing with S Through the Years - a Perspective"

Don, editor/publisher of the S Gaugian magazine, who started in S gauge in 1959, will take a long look at where we started in S gauge with A.C. Gilbert Company products, highlight different company's products and individual modeler's building efforts, and finally bring us up to date with current products and the state of S today. His colorful visual presentation will capsulate S in a unique way.

Jim Larson
"Bashing American Flyer Freight Cars"

Jim will demonstrate his techniques to transform American Flyer freight cars.

Gil Hulin
"Mexican Railroading in S Scale"

Gil will go over modeling Mexican motive power, rolling stock, typical structures, and his search for appropriate products and ability to scratch-build rather than buy off the shelf models. Gil will present an entertaining presentation and perhaps get some of us thinking about trains south of the border that we never considered before.

Marty Lydecker
"A.C. Gilbert Auto Rama"

Marty will go over the history of the A.C. Gilbert Auto-Rama slot car sets that were featured in the early 1960s. He will also have a nice display of the many sets, slot cars and accessories produced by A.C. Gilbert.

Jamie Bothwell
"Detailing Lightweight Passenger Cars"

A presentation on the construction of lightweight passenger cars and how to model them including the use of available parts. These ideas could be applied to any of American Models cars as well as earlier S-scale models from other manufacturers.

Jamie Bothwell
"Detailing Heavyweight Passenger Cars"

A presentation on the construction of heavyweight passenger cars and possible modifications and detailing of the American Models heavyweight Pullmans. Some of the suggestions would be applicable to AM's other heavyweight cars as well as models from other manufacturers.

Chic Hartert
"Tree Making"

Chic will share proven methods of modeling trees for your layout. Many of his methods allow for a good number of trees to be made in a short period of time.

Ken Zieska
"Building a 3D Laser-cut Wood Kit"

Ken will demonstrate building and finishing techniques. He'll use Monster Kits, but will have other kits so that the techniques are similar.

Dave Jasper
"Painting Backdrop Scenery"

This is a great backdrop clinic. Dave will show how you, too, can create a great looking backdrop for your layout.

Steve Doyle
"How to Make Signs for Buildings"

Steve will show us how to make signs for buildings.

Dick Karnes
"Passenger Train Operation"

So you think passenger trains are dull? That they just run around the layout, stopping at the same station with every circuit? Well, think again. Passenger trains do switching. Their locomotives may have to be swapped out at division points. And they have the right of way over freights (except on the UP!), so the way freights have to get out of the way. Passenger trains can make operating sessions VERY interesting. Learn how Dick Karnes accommodates 18 passenger trains during his normal operating sessions that also include through freights, way freights, and transfer freights.

John Heck
"Fixing and Maintaining Flyer"

John will demonstrate how to get your American Flyer engines performing and how to keep them running like new.

Bob Hogan
"More on Building those BUDD and PS Passenger Cars. Plus a look at 3D Printed Cars in S Scale" CANCELED on June 12 per Bob
John Mann
"The Gogebic Iron Range"

We will explore the history of the Gogebic Range from the early boom years in the 1880s through the end of operations in the 1960s with an emphasis on how railroads interacted with the mining industry. Some specific mines will used as examples to show the type of structures needed. The railroads (C&NW and Soo) operations both as competitors and as pooling partners will be discussed. Finally, some modeling aspects from an S-scale standpoint will be discussed such as railroad structures, locomotives, and cars.

Andy Malette
"Canada's Steel 8 Hatch Refrigerator Cars"

These cars were used primarily in Canada but traveled all over North America. They were produced from 1939 up until the mid 1950s and had many variations in both the freight and express versions.

Women's Clinic 1
"Stamping Up"
Women's Clinic 2
"Scarf Making"


Registration Form

The 2014 NASG Convention Registration form is now available in PDF format (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to properly view the file, which is freely available for download, if you don't already have it installed on your computer). This version of the Registration form allows you to fill in your information directly within the PDF file, which you can then save and print. Or, if you prefer, you can print it first, and then fill it in by hand. Either way, you must print the form, and then mail it, and your check, to the address shown on the form itself.

Regular registration rates are now in effect until June 30, 2014. Late registration prices after that date.

The Registration form above contains information for vendors as well.

Car Order Form

We have two versions of the 2014 Convention Car order form. One makes it easy to fill in your quantity, and it will calculate everything except for shipping. The other is better for when you want to print the form first, and then fill it out by hand.

Car Order form: fill out by typing in form, then print.


Car Order form: print first, then fill out by hand.

Note that you can order the car even if you do not plan on attending the convention. This is the first NASG convention car produced by M.T.H.


The Convention is sponsored by the Badgerland S Gaugers and the State-Line S Gaugers clubs. You may contact Steve Lunde or Roy Meissner for more information about the Convention.