2014 NASG Convention: "The Heartland S-Press"

The 2014 NASG Convention was held in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, from Wednesday July 23rd through Sunday 27th, 2014. The event was held at the Olympia Hotel & Convention Center, 1350 Royal Mile Road, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

The Convention was sponsored by the Badgerland S Gaugers and the State-Line S Gaugers clubs. The contact persons are Steve Lunde and Roy Meissner.


Organized Tours

There were two all-day tours. The first was on Wednesday July 23 to the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The second was on Thursday, July 24 to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois.

Self-guided Layout Tours

The private-home layouts that were open included Roy Meissner (scale), Jeff Madden (scale), Steve Lunde (hi-rail), Ron Schlicht (A.F.), Jim Larson, and Terry Dyer.

Steve Lunde (hi-rail); photo by Bill Winans

Ron Schlicht (American Flyer); photo by Jeff Madden

Brad Nelson (hi-rail); photo by Jeff Madden

Craig Wright (scale/Sn3); photo by Jeff Madden

Larry Blank (scale); photo by Jeff Madden

Jeff Madden (scale); photo by Jeff Madden

Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers' large (award winning) hi-rail layout (web site); photo by Jeff Madden

Promotions Committee's layout; photo by Bill Winans

The NASG modules were also at the Convention site.

Special Contest

In addition to the standard NASG contests, Jamie Bothwell held the "The Greeley's Place Contest." However, this year the contest revolved around the Des Plaines Hobbies/S Scale America car kit of the PRR X29 box car, which came out at last year's NASG Convention.


Don Heimburger
"Highballing with S Through the Years - a Perspective"

Don, editor/publisher of the S Gaugian magazine, who started in S gauge in 1959, took a look at where we started in S gauge with A.C. Gilbert Company products, highlight different company's products and individual modeler's building efforts, and brought us up to date with current products and the state of S today.

Jim Larson
"Bashing American Flyer Freight Cars"

Jim demonstrated his techniques to transform American Flyer freight cars.

Gil Hulin
"Mexican Railroading in S Scale"

Gil went over modeling Mexican motive power, rolling stock, typical structures, and his search for appropriate products and ability to scratch-build rather than buy off the shelf models.

Marty Lydecker
"A.C. Gilbert Auto Rama"

Marty went over the history of the A.C. Gilbert Auto-Rama slot car sets that were featured in the early 1960s. He had a nice display of the many sets, slot cars and accessories produced by A.C. Gilbert.

Jamie Bothwell
"Detailing Lightweight Passenger Cars"

Jamie presented the construction of lightweight passenger cars and how to model them including the use of available parts.

Jamie Bothwell
"Detailing Heavyweight Passenger Cars"

Jamie presented the construction of heavyweight passenger cars and possible modifications and detailing of the American Models heavyweight Pullmans.

Chic Hartert
"Tree Making"

Chic shared proven methods of modeling trees for your layout. Many of his methods allow for a good number of trees to be made in a short period of time.

Ken Zieska
"Building a 3D Laser-cut Wood Kit"

Ken demonstrated building and finishing techniques. He used Monster Kits.

Dave Jasper
"Painting Backdrop Scenery"

Dave showed how you, too, can create a great looking backdrop for your layout.

Steve Doyle
"How to Make Signs for Buildings"

Steve showed us how to make signs for buildings.

Dick Karnes
"Passenger Train Operation"

So you think passenger trains are dull? That they just run around the layout, stopping at the same station with every circuit? Well, think again. Passenger trains do switching. Their locomotives may have to be swapped out at division points. And they have the right of way over freights (except on the UP!), so the way freights have to get out of the way. Passenger trains can make operating sessions VERY interesting. Dick Karnes described how he accommodates 18 passenger trains during his normal operating sessions that also include through freights, way freights, and transfer freights.

John Heck
"Fixing and Maintaining Flyer"

John demonstrated how to get your American Flyer engines performing and how to keep them running like new.

John Mann
"The Gogebic Iron Range"

John talked about the history of the Gogebic Range from the early boom years in the 1880s through the end of operations in the 1960s with an emphasis on how railroads interacted with the mining industry. Some specific mines were used as examples to show the type of structures needed. The railroads (C&NW and Soo) operations, both as competitors and as pooling partners, were discussed. Finally, some modeling aspects from an S-scale standpoint will be discussed such as railroad structures, locomotives, and cars.

Andy Malette
"Canada's Steel 8 Hatch Refrigerator Cars"

These cars were used primarily in Canada but traveled all over North America. They were produced from 1939 up until the mid 1950s and had many variations in both the freight and express versions.

Car Order Form

We have two versions of the 2014 Convention Car order form. One makes it easy to fill in your quantity, and it will calculate everything except for shipping. The other is better for when you want to print the form first, and then fill it out by hand.

Car Order form: fill out by typing in form, then print.


Car Order form: print first, then fill out by hand.


Meet-n-greet dinner (left to right: Jay M., Bob N., Jeff W., Willy M., Dave Blum, Monte Heppe; photo by Bill Winans

Vendor Hall at the Convention; photo by Bill Winans

Saturday evening banquet; photo by Bill Winans