Mini Articles - Hobo Box Car

The December 2017 issue of the Classic Toy Train magazine includes an article written by Roger Carp titled "Flyer's One-of-a-kind Hobo Car Never Entered Production". Ted Hamler provided information for that article. However, not all of it was used or send in by Ted, so he has shared the following as a kind of supplemental to that article.

The #900 Hobo box car is a hand-built model action car from the A.C. Gilbert Museum. The car has all non electrical parts and was made with the intention to have a lot of action at a low cost to customers. G. Monoco, a Gilbert inventor and factory model builder, built the car. However they never made the body. The action of the car was that the Hobo, who snuck a ride, would pop up occasionally to see if the coast is clear. Bob Bernard, the son of Dr. E. H. Bernard, (first cousin to Maury Romer), commissioned Wayne Biberstein to make two reproduction cars and one body for the original car. He made an original one for Mr. Bernard's father, one for Mr. Bernard and his brother, and one for himself. Mr. Biberstein used original Gilbert paint that matches the colors of the #910 A.C. Gilbert Chemicals tank Car.

All photos are copyright Ted Hamler, and posted here with his permission.

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